[GPL] Light version of Grenzlandring by Andre Streu


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Light-Version for Grenzlandring
Light-Version-Patch for Grenzlandring

Some guys wanted a lite version for Grenzlandring, to drive online or to get a better fps.
So I've made a new main "grnzland.3do" to get mostly 36 fps, only the train bridge is about 30 fps.


Unpack the downloaded zip-file into your "Grnzland"-folder and run GPL - that's it !!


To get a better relation between graphic and frame rate for lower PC's and online-racing I have made some changes on grnzland.3do.

(1) 3do-Objects delete or decrease.
(2) Front view decrease to 500 metres and rear view decrease to 250 metres.

Download on my HP http://www.andre-gpl-texture.racesim.net on submenu "Grenzlandring".

Have fun !!!!

Bye Andre