[GPL] Le Mans Sarthe Neonbeleuchtung von R.Dave und Alan D.


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Ok Alan, here's the zip file with the hotel.3do, pole.mip (edited down to ground level and invisible) and the sign .srb's (rough graphics). Just drop it in your Night Sarthe directory and you'll have a flashing hotel sign . It will look much better with your graphic I'm sure

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Thanks Dave
Here are my original mips - I don't think that they're that good , just the original dark ones with a bit of colour on them.

And to all--these can be used without any flashing effect if you just put them in the Nsarthe folder by themselves

BTW - With the night Le Mans I did not replace the daytime mips for the clock (clock.mip,clck2.mip) or the Essoman (essom.mip) as I thought that these would be lit up anyway.

Sorry Oppolo - Looks like we are still keeping you from racing


pic s.o.


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Hi Steffen, here's a version using smaller graphics for the sign. Honestly, I can't see much difference between the larger and smaller version, so it might be best to use the smaller version for everyone if it works for you.

Please test this one out for me. The zip includes the mip, 3do as well as the srb files, so all you need to do is place them in your Night Sarthe directory.