[GPL] Lake Garnett Kansas by Mark Beckman


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My new track is ready!
Mark Beckman with the support of OSRL present Kansas GP.

This is a very exciting real track, Lake Garnett in Kansas USA.

Its a hot GPL Drivers track for sure.

It is very narrow and dangerous and has a very exciting
section of track from the Dam thru to Mulshoe, with Muleshoe
being one very exciting corner for GPL.

Track is narrow and would be best suited to 10 AI cars or less (opinion only). For online racing, a small number of friends is probably what this track is best suited for, again just an opinion.

My gratitude to my League the OSRL for their constant
harrassment to finish it and particuarly to Don, Jerry and
David who have actually raced their and survived, Don Dodge
drove some 100 miles to get pics for me.
One of Dons terrific pics is viewed on the installer.

Thanks as usual to the icons of GPL, Phil Flack, Klaus Horbrand,
Martin Granberg, Nigel Pattinson and their tools that make all
these add-on tracks possible. Im sure ive missed someone sorry.

Neil McCollums altitude proggy was of great assistance too.

Feature artists for this track are Simon Stoddard sky which i
heavily editted, Dave Turman aka 'Racer Dave' who made me a
railcrossing flashing red lights sign which can be observed half
way down the back straight and Don Dodge for the program covers.

Train is for real, the Sante Fe Rail line is their in real life, Racer Dave's train crossing lights are there for fun :-)

Track is built with limited 3do's and graphics for best performance
for everybodys computer processors, thats the way i build them, you dont like that i dont care.

Your setups should be suitable from Watkins Glen or Brands Hatch.

There is a few graphic glitches because of trying to get the
feel of actually driving around a Lake like you actually do in real
life. If you see the water in some odd spots, deal with it.

Have fun,

Mark Beckman, OSRL

Unzip all files into temp folder and click on install.

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Add-on for Mark's Kansas Track...
Hey Mark, great track, and great fun to drive. You've captured the midwest. However, it wouldn't be the Kansas prairie without the breeze, and it wouldn't be "old Glory" unless it's waving, so here's an animated waving U.S. Flag and galvenized pole for Kansas.

Just drop the files into your kansas track directory. If you don't like it, just delete the files.

Well done Mark, one of my favorites.



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Kansas Replay
Not that im very good, but i did forget to put a replay in the download.

I find a replay helps to find my way around a new track.

This is a 1.41 that was the replay for the groove file, you will notice that it matches the groove perfectly.

i made a small adjustment to track length (about 1 meter) after this replay and you will see a foward jump at the finish line.

My PB is 1.39 + in the Honda.


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nice track, Mark
very nice to look at, on my (fairly) modest system chugs along nicely, but most importantly, fantastic fun to drive.

I've re-done the maps in the original GPL style, and tied the event into the program. (Don't shoot me if it's all wrong, just a poor little limey / pom - what do I know).



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New Kansas Horse
I've done a replacement horse for Mark Beckman's Kansas track, should go nicely with my replacement cow. You just need to drop the files into the kansas track dir.

UPDATE: I've updated the zip with a more resonably sized version of the horse


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ich werd schon ganz unruhig klausi! seit 2 tagen keine patches mehr, entzugserscheinungen deuten sich an! :))

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wenn ich das nur wüsste! ich schätze mal so gegen weihnachten, dann bringt bruce ja auch seinen brabham deluxe raus!

sag mal michael, bist du der micheal s. aus dem gplea forum, der gerade die neue lotus 3do mit coolant pipe usw. gemacht hat? das update steht nämlich ganz oben auf meiner wunschliste!

gruss steffen

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Laut GPLEA "Release Ready" Forum sollte auch der Track von ronnie_b fertig sein!
Achja, das ist der "überarbeitete Zeltweg´70"
Vielleicht hälst du da auch mal ein Auge drauf Steffen!

p.s. wird "hälst" so geschrieben????


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ehh, ja mach ich jojo. das versteh ich auch nicht so ganz, die suchen jetzt schon seid einer woche nen platz zu uppen...

hältst kommt von halten, also hältst. oder nicht?

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Wenn wir hier schon am Verhandeln über Erscheinungstermine
sind: weiß jemand was neues wann, wie und ob Oulton Park
erscheint? Bin ganz heiß auf den Track!
Den hab ich Anno 1987 in Revs+ auf meinem C64 schon
geliebt. :love: