[GPL] JF Carset Ferrari v1.02 for GPLAIM/GPLCSM


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jon hat die zip datei gefixed, jetzt sollte der ferrari laufen! :D

zusätzlich noch die restlichen chassistexturen für loyds 2.0 version:

mips 1-3 and 5-20 for Loyd's Ferrari 16bit V 2.0 skin
Hi all,

I made the missing mips for Loyd's new Ferrari skin so that you can enjoy Loyd's wonderfull work online as well. These mips are in 16 bit so be aware that they may cause CTD's in some machines. If this happens try using 4bit textures for the driver arms.
These mips are a work of Loyd Cole, I just did some cut-and-paste job using his original mips. For the mips 5, 7, 9, 15, 17 and 19 I used some textures (namely the numbers) of the 16bit Ferrari paintjob of Eguzo (I hope he doesn't mind).
Make a back-up of your Ferrari-folder first. Extract these files into your Ferrari-folder and let them overwrite existing files.
The mips for the player car and the AI-drivers are not included in this mip-set. Download them separetly if you don't have them yet.
Last but not least: Thank you for this wonderfull work Loyd.

Cheers Dani