[GPL] Hi-res dash for FD & F2 Ferrari by Dave Mack


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This is a GPL edit, using work from Bruce Johnson and Fred Faster, that I've wanted to do for a long time. I race the FD class exclusively these days, and almost always drive the Ferrari. I asked Bruce about how to change the position of the tach needle on the Ferrari dash to have the needle point at the 12:00 position at redline, if you were racing in the FD or F2 class.

Bruce kindly provided enough information to get me started, and I was able to get it to work (hooray!). This required edits to Bruce's ferrari.3do file, and also to Fred's recently released updated hi-res split dash mips.

I also simplified the tach itself, as I've found this to be easier to read while racing, and have rescaled the tach gauge so that it shows the correct RPM (as reported from the exterior F10 view).

I also rotated the fuel pressure and oil pressure/oil temperature gauges. Apparently the needles for these gauges share some of the same point coordinates as the tach needle in the ferrari.3do file, so I rotated these gauges so their needles would again show the correct readings.

The result is in effect a specific dash and ferrari.3do for either an FD or F2 class Ferrari. But, that's ok for me, as that's basically what I race all the time.

PLEASE NOTE that if you use any other Ferrari class (F1, F3, etc.) then the dash and instruments will be off somewhat in their readings if you install this update.

Screenshots and the zip file are below.



And the zip file (291KB).