[GPL] Here Is "UK-US as 1" memorial track by mcr


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Yes, I know Bathurst/Panorama is out, and I've been saying I'd do a program set for it once it was in final release... and I will - just not at this very moment.
While Panorama is without a doubt one of the Great GPL Tracks, and a real blast to drive, I've been having nearly as much fun with the other recent release, Madcowie's "UK US as 1". I fear it may have been overshadowed by the Panorama hoopla (and I hear that a program called GPLAIM is coming out shortly... )

Anyway, I think UKUS is a very good circuit, made all the more impressive coming from a first-time track creator. It's fast, and it flows well - reminds me of Diamante, one of my other favorite fantasy tracks. It's also a friendly track to drive - with the exception of one Ferrari-Eating Tree located just after the Pioneer bridge, there are no rude surprises lying in wait. Apexes are visible, turns are banked (in the right direction!), and there's plenty of runoff. An off-track excursion doesn't necessarily end in a three-wheeled car, a brief bit of head-surfing, or anything else that might appear in one of JimmiBo's movies.

Anyway, it's a good track - check it out if you haven't done so already!

Oh yeah, you'll want one of these...

--John Bradley

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