[GPL] Harewood Hillclimb by Madcowie


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Fix for Harewood graphics problem
This will fix the graphics "Aliens are shooting me with lasers" problem.

Klaus and Phil Flack are to be thanked for there programs "Winmip2" and "SRBMan" to enable this fix.

Just unzip into your harewood track folder which is probably


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AI cars for Harewood Hill, BUT....
I have made some AI cars for Harewood Hillclimb.

BUT.... after a lot of testing I have had 3 SYSTEM LOCKUPS.

There is some bugs in the track causing them and as i didnt build it i dont know why. It seems that the extra processing of the AI cars causes it.

So be careful, maybe start with minimum 5 cars in a novice race and see what happens.

Naturally i went straight to various other tracks and ran all 19 cars to see if it was my system having problems, but all was well, it was only at this track.

Would you be considerate enough to report back your own findings please.