[GPL] "Halibrand" wheels for Cooper by Guy Barrett


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"Halibrand" wheels for Cooper
Halibrand wheels where popular on sports cars and indy cars during the 60's and 70's, I wanted a set for the Eagle but I thought I'd try them with some Firestones on the poor, neglected Cooper first.The zip includes transparent mips, 3do and cross drilled brake rotors.Just unzip into your coventry folder and enjoy!



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small update for Halibrand wheels
This is a small update that changes the high speed look of these wheels.I wasnt happy with this look on the original release as it distorted the wheel centre too much IMHO.Back up these three mips first just in case you dont like my "improved" version. You must have the Halibrands installed first.

...Guy halibrand_update.zip