[GPL] Gulf Eagle by Michiel Pompert


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[GPL] Gulf Eagel by Michiel Pompert

Gulf Eagle out now! :) 1

Sadly not compatible with GPLAIM2...too many problems with getting it to run, but i'm sure somebody will make it compatible (at least I wouldn't mind! )

In the zip are two different skin versions to give you some options on having your name on the car or not, by default the ones without will be installed...the others can be found in the Gulf - Eagle subfolder inside your eagle folder

Also there is a folder containing my helmet files that will only work when you have the update by Nenne for 3D helmets installed

remember to read the included readme/backup current folder first!

The zip is here (many thanks go to Martijn for hosting): http://euro.racesim.net/gulfeagle_mp.zip


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Michael, hope you don't mind this but I have sorted the eag4.3do to use it's own textures so the Gurney car stays blue. I enclose the zip altho the dash and side could do with tarting up a bit, hope you don't mind, if so I'll remove it.
Just add these files instead of the ea*.mip versions and copy your Gurney and Ginther skins back.
Only thing is all cars share the same wheels so you have to decide which you prefer