[GPL] GPLrank news: version2 beta, ChallengeRank introduced!


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I've been meaning to get around to this for a long time now, but I've been a little busy running around Zeltweg, Le Sarthe and Solitude...

Anyway, after a lot of effort from the GPLrank team, we are announcing the beginning of the beta period for the new and mostly improved GPLrank version 2. This new version has two primary features. First, it integrates GPLrank and its Papy track records with TaintRank and its add-on track records. Everything is treated equally, so it'll be easier to produce reports and things like that.

Second, and the main reason for doing all that work to integrate the two sites, is to introduce ChallengeRank. As readers of this forum have known for some time, I believe that GPLrank has significantly focused energy on Papy tracks to the detriment of the incredible add-on tracks. Even the most popular addon tracks have fewer than 5% of the laps that even the Nurburgring gets, and that's a shame. ChallengeRank extends the concept of GPLrank to a set of add-on tracks, including benchmarks, handicaps, ranks and Monster ranks.

This version does not quite have everything implemented from the original GPLrank. Notably missing are F2/F3/FD/FV and the various Cups (Nation's, Senior, St. Eldred's, etc). These will be completed once the core functionality settles down. In exchange, there are some new statistics produced, including mean, median and standard deviation on a per-track or per-Rank basis. I've also added the ability to draw some crude frequency distributions so that you can tell where you stand relative to the field.

The buddy lists are handled a little diferently although the actual lists are identical to the ones you've already set up in GPLrank.

At the moment there are no pictorial graphs (this includes the history feature) but I'll get around to that in the relatively near future. I've chosen to release this now because I will be moving my family, house and servers in a couple of weeks and I would like to have the chaos settle down before that.

All this new stuff--along with all the bugs that surely are hiding in it--can be found at http://gplrank.schuerkamp.de/newrank/newrank.php The new FAQ is at http://gplrank.schuerkamp.de/newrank/gplrank_faq.htm Your regular gplrank login and password work with the new site.

Please send bug reports to gplrank@blw.net

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Brian Wong