[GPL] GPLEA Eagle Carskins


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Black Eagle dash fix.

Rick, you may want to put in your instructions that the yellow eagle's eag4.3do file as a necessary step in the install.. I would actually place it inside the zip. As for the split dash with the line down the center, that is because you need to set the mapp to 3 for e4dashl.mip and e4dashr.mip, it is at 0 now. That will fix the line down the center of the dash. Use WinMip 2 to do that. I will attach this fix in case the others do not have that program, it also includes the necessary eag4.3do.


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Dark Red Eagle by R. Dave

Dark Red Eagle, and base mip
Hi Guys,

I posted some screenshots in the Screenshots forum of a darker Red Eagle. It's a stand alone that overwrites your eag4.3do and eag4.mip to drive. I've included a base mip as well for editing.

In this screenshot, I'm using COA's ventilated brake disk available in this forum (not included) and the optional eagle wheels by Pete, also available in this forum (not included).


Here's the zip...
Be sure to back up your present eag4.3do and eag4.mip and extract to your eagle directory to drive.


red eagle.zip

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*Fixed* Black Eagle complete package

Added RacerDave's EANNOSE.MIP to the package - the lack of this file was causing GPL to use the default MIPS for the whole car.

My apologies for the oversight!

Here's the necessary file by itself for those who don't want to dl the whole package again. Thanks again to RacerDave for allowing me to use his files for my car.

Just unzip this file into your Eagle folder.