[GPL] GPL Stunts 101 - The Wheelstand Movie by Hitman


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posted 30-10-2001 02:00

HITMAN WheelStand (DivX 4.02 7.8meg)

This stuff happens when you're bored I guess. And yes before you ask, I'm the same guy who made that on two wheels Honda at Monza demo a few years back. In this case, there's no fancy setups, no real type bugs in the game, no don't need to damage your car to do this trick, it's all about hiting the bank at Kyalami at just the right speed (and I do mean just right at around 30 odd mph) at just the right angle so that the car bounces up and the rear wheel doesn't get bumped and up she'll go. Now all you need to do is balance the car on the accelerator like a champion and hope it doesn't hit anything... It's not that easy either... try second gear. I've tried the Honda and Brab, but they where dogs, need the touque of a Cosworth V8 to hold the front wheels off the deck.

Why? Um, because I knew it could be done, that's all, besides I may never be the fastest racer in all of GPL'dom but I'll be damned if I'm not remembered for being one of the stupidest!!! =)

It's not a trick setup either (one of Huttu's), this was just a muck around for an hour or so last night because my ADSL connection had dropped out...(no VROC!!!) Strange things happen when evil minds are left to their own devices.

]-[ITMAN =)