[GPL] GPL Replay Analyser v5.0 released


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Hi everyone,
It time for a new release of GPL Replay Analyser (GPLRA) again - version 5.0 .

This time we have some improvements in both the analysing and the report parts of the program. Also included is online integration with the popular GPLRank site. GPL track creators will also find an improved(hopefully) groove generating tool.

New stuff in the analysing part:

*Added new tool - Traction Circle. With this you see the forces acting on the car and can judge the performance of the car and driver. Big thanks to Mark Gold for all help doing this.
Screenshot: http://home.bip.net/martin/gplra/tractioncircle.gif

*Added longitudal and lateral acceleration to graph.

*Added longitudal and lateral acceleration to telemetry export.

*Removed "Time" from graph as the same info can be obtained by using the time difference graph.

*The highlight of current track position in the graph has been updated, it now shows the 1% of the track around current position. This to make it easier to see on all tracks (incl the Ring)

New report:

*Added new report - Race History Graph. This shows the development of the race for all drivers in one single graph. All drivers are compared to a virtual driver whose laptimes are consistent and equal to the winner's average laptime. Such a report is a long time request. But it wasn't until Martijn Taffer pointed us to an example of how it could be done in a good way we decided to implement it.
Screenshot: http://home.bip.net/martin/gplra/reports/racehistorygraph.gif
Screenshot: http://home.bip.net/martin/gplra/racehistorygraphzoomed.gif (zoomed on leaders))


*Added option to upload laptimes directly to GPLRank from PB-Viewer. This means you no longer have to save an ini-file and point your web-browser to it. At the moment GPLRank will only record the laptimes for addon tracks, but in the future(pending changes on GPLRank) even the original track's times might be submitted this way.

Groove tool for track creators:
*Added a new way of doing the groove darkness based on calculated total acceleration. This should (hopefully) generate better looking and more realistic grooves.

Bugs fixed:

-Removed a memory leak in PB Viewer which was introduced in v4.8
-Under some circumstances more than one Export Records html file could get the same name (Snett and Snett67). Fixed.
-Not a bug, but we changed the way we store the path to GPL as GPL's default way of doing this caused problems for some Win2k and WinXP users.
-Some other minor issues which probably noone noticed anyway.

We have also updated most of the screenshots at the site as the old ones were outdated.

For download and more information about this program, go to:


Martin and Jonas

(Edit to fix the 2 bad links to report screenshots)