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Version 0.3.0 released 1

A new release is available for download in this post. Here is a snippet from the history document.

*** Version 0.3.0 ***

Finalized on 2002-01-25.
Released on 2002-01-26.

Improved FastForward greatly. Previous rate of 1.5:1 has been improved to 5:1 up to 20:1 according to the number of connects/disconnects/chat messages/lap times et al. During a race 20:1 is the usual rate of FastForward. No sensible viewing is possible during the FastForward, however. The clock works during the increased speed and will tick down swiftly.

Allows anybody to watch regardless of name in driver profile. A specific name can still be set as a kind of password if needed.

Reduced bandwidth demand whilst FastForwarding. A Proxy can now "host" the same number of viewers as a server on the same bandwidth. One place is taken by the Director.

Improved some code, which was "ugly".

Added a few more servers to the unofficial and unauthorized server list. Corrected G.Wilson1.

More improvements are planned but for now I will focus my attention on the documentation. Not only for servers but also for Directors and Viewers. With the support for VROV, joining a Proxy as a viewer has become fairly simple espicially now that any name is valid. I still need to improve the "messages" sent to VROC, such as the name of the race and the length. The information is available but needs to be decoded and passed on to VROC.

With the improved FastForward (not optional) a viewer will experience a normal connection the fiorst 20 seconds followed by the FastForward action. It will be all but impossible to watch any of the cars but the clock will show that the program is running as it is ticking down fast. The FastForward will stop when the viewer has caught up with the Director at a mere 1 second delay. For all intents and purposes, this is "Live!".

I have reason to believe that 3-monitor support will be possible within the foreseeable future. There will not be any VROC support for those setups, so the owner of such a setup will have to connect to the race server IP. Hopefully, that will be ok. I will need some of the fortunate guys to drop me a note for testing purposes as I can only do some simplified testing myself.
(Btw, it is not simply difficult to connect through VROC - it is impossible due to the way WinVROC works with encrypted communication. Sorry!)



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