[GPL] FPS improvement for Norisring by J.P. Hovercraft


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With Lou's permission, I'm posting my quick and dirty frame rate fix for Norisring. It won't look as good as it does in it's natural state, but us Voodoo 2 users should see a great improvement except for one little bit in the last turn before the pits. I'm still hoping to find an answer for that, too. Thanks, Lou for your support of my changes to your hard work.
You also might want to replace the tree01-04 mips with the 8treea1, 8treea2, 8treeb1, and 8treeb2 mips from Bathurst and rename them tree01-04 of course, or the tree mips of your choice...experiment. Those are the ones I used anyway. I found editing the original tree mips way to twiddly for my tastes...and they looked awful when I was through.

So enough of this. Here's the link. Hope it helps some of you. Just unzip them into your Norisring folder. Delete them to return to the original look.

Norisring fps improvement mips

J. P. Hovercraft