[GPL] FOV User aufgepasst: Pitboard position für 74 tracks!


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[GPL] FOV User aufgepasst: Pitboard postiion für 74 tracks!

I have 74 tracks installed on my computer, including the original 11. I have tested ALL of them, revised the coordinates and then retested them. NONE of the new coordinates make the pitboard any more readable than it was before, when your FOV has been changed, as mine is, only "safer" (read below).
When I set about to undertake this endeavor I decided on these main focal points:
1. FOV and the look left view - many people on the forum mentioned crashing because the auto pitboard would pop up during a turn. I attempted to help this by placing the pitboard where it only pops up after a turn and then closes before the next one. The look left view must still be used.
2. Make the pitboard appear as close to the start/finish line as possible.
3. Always get the latest lap time, never a lap down.
4. Always have the board pop up on the left - consistency - we already know where it will be during a race.

Sometimes the track I was testing was very twisty and I found it difficult to decide where it would be best to put the little sucker. For those tracks I have 2 or 3 coordinates and everyone will have to try them out and decide for themselves.

If the lap time displayed is not the latest, but a lap down, for anyone, please let me know and I will adjust the value.

Some tracks didn't need revision as the Andreas Frank coordinates worked just fine. Those tracks I left alone. All the original track and A. Frank coordinates are still there.

BACK UP/COPY YOUR FLAGMAN.INI FOLDER FIRST. You must paste these coordinates into the original folder. I believe you will have to delete anything in the folder unless you want to keep it, such as another track, otherwise you will have duplicates of everything.

Here it is:

;please leave off the trailing slash e.g c:\sierra\gpl


Setting1=15.0 -7.5,Original Setting
Setting2=10.0 250.1,New Setting

Setting1=10.2 100.2,Original

Setting1=-8.0 100.0,Original Setting
setting2=5.3 650.0,New setting
Setting3=7.0 400.0,Andreas Frank setting

Setting1=-6.1 200.0,Original Setting
Setting2=6.1 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=16.0 240.2,Original Setting
Setting2=5.0 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=11.0 140.0,Original Setting
Setting2=7.0 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=10.2 -60.2,Original Setting
Setting2=6.1 1840.0,New Setting

Setting1=10.2 420.2,Original Setting
Setting2=6.0 1700.0,New Setting

Setting1=-5.0 300.0,Original Setting
Setting2=7.5 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=10.2 420.2,Original

Setting1=-6.5 8010.0,Original Setting
setting2=6.5 275.0,New Setting
Setting3=8.0 300.0,Andreas Frank setting

Setting1=-16.0 100.0,Original Setting
Setting2=6.7 275.0,New Setting
Setting3=8.5 300.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=-8.0 100.0,Original Setting
Setting2=6.5 275.00,New Setting

Setting1=8.0 50.0,Original Setting
Setting2=6.0 275.0,New Setting
setting3=6.0 1675.0,New Setting

Setting1=13.5 280.2,Original Setting
setting2=5.5 275.0,New Setting
setting3=5.5 1375.0,New Setting
Setting4=6.0 1250.0,Andreas Frank setting

Setting1=19.2 180.0,Original

Setting1=-8.0 10.0,Original Setting
Setting2=5.5 525.0,New Setting

Setting1=13.5 280.2,Original

Setting1=12.778 6421.330,Original

Setting1=-7.0 150.0,Original Setting
Setting2=6.8 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=8.0 290.0,Original Setting
Setting2=8.0 530.0,New Setting

Setting1=15.2 420.2,Original Setting
Setting2=11.0 250.1,New Setting

Setting1=7.0 3828.6,Original Setting
Setting2=5.2 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=12.0 6684.0,Original Setting
Setting2=11.0 250.1,New Setting
setting3=11.0 1200.0,New Setting

Setting1=18.2 520.2,Original

Setting1=-6.1 3700.0,Original Setting
Setting2=5.5 750.0,New Setting
Setting3=14.0 280.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=-10.0 176.0,Original Setting
Setting2=5.0 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=12.0 1200.0,Original Setting

Setting1=-10.0 570.0,Original Setting
Setting2=5.2 493.00,New Setting

Setting1=8.1 14430.0,Original Setting
Setting2=5.0 700.0,New Setting

Setting1=10.2 260.2,Original

Setting1=11.0 140.0,Original Setting
Setting2=6.8 850.0,New Setting

Setting1=10.6 6.0,Original Setting
Setting2=5.5 250.1,New Setting
Setting3=5.5 1250.0,New Setting

Setting1=7.850 5007.940,Original Setting
Setting2=7.0 260.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=-9.0 360.2,Original Setting
Setting2=12.0 275.00,New Setting

Setting1=10.2 3300.2,Original Setting
Setting2=6.5 275.00,New Setting

Setting1=-5.6 165.0,Original Setting
Setting2=4.2 960.00,New Setting

Setting1=6.0 100.6,Original Setting
Setting2=6.0 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=10.0 1200.0,Original Setting
Setting2=5.0 260.0,Andreas Frank setting

Setting1=9.0 3953.4,Original Setting
Setting2=5.5 275.0,New Setting
Setting3=6.4 400.0,Andreas Frank setting

Setting1=-8.5 200.0,Original Setting
Setting2=7.5 275.00,New Setting

Setting1=10.0 11.1,Original Setting
Setting2=10.0 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=8.0 15.0,Original Setting
Setting2=7.5 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=-5.0 62.0,Original Setting
setting2=7.0 310.00,New Setting

Setting1=11.0 700.0,Original Setting
Setting2=9.5 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=-7.0 14.0,Original Setting
Setting2=6.5 965.0,New Setting

Setting1=9.0 140.0,Original Setting
Setting2=9.0 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=7.5 20.0,Original Setting
Setting2=7.0 300.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=10.2 2900.2,Original

Setting1=-8.2 9900.0,Original Setting
Setting2=7.0 275.00,New Setting

Setting1=-8.0 -10.0,Original Setting
Setting2=7.5 250.1,New Setting

Setting1=6.7 130.0,Original Setting
Setting2=6.7 260.0,Andreas Frank setting

Setting1=30.2 5440.0,Original Setting
Setting2=18.0 275.0,New Setting
Setting3=14.4 520.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=9.2 167.0,Original Setting
Setting2=6.0 250.1,New Setting
Setting3=6.0 600.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=9.2 150.2,Original

Setting1=18.2 420.2,Original

Setting1=15.0 140.0,Original Setting
Setting2=8.5 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=11.0 1200.0,Original Setting
Setting2=10.5 275.00,New Setting

Setting1=6.4 350,Original Setting
Setting2=6.1 275.0,New Setting
Setting3=6.4 360.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=11.0 600.00,Original Setting
Setting2=6.75 285.0,New Setting

Setting1=10.2 480.2,Original

Setting1=15.2 100.2,Original

Setting1=-5.0 200.0,Original Setting
Setting2=8.0 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=10.0 120.0,Original Setting
Setting2=5.5 275.00,New Setting

Setting1=10.000 3977.740,Original Setting
Setting2=14.0 280.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=10.0 5.0,Original Setting
Setting2=8.0 250.1,New Setting

Setting1=7.0 3228.6,Original Setting
Setting2=5.3 260.0,New Setting

Setting1=13.5 280.2,Original

Setting1=9.1 6190.0,Original Setting
Setting2=5.5 700.0,New Setting
Setting3=5.5 600.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=10.2 1590.2,Original Setting
Setting2=12.0 800.0,New Setting

Setting1=6.0 450.0,Original Setting
Setting2=5.0 275.00,New Setting

Setting1=10.000 3133.149,Original Setting
Setting2=6.3 250.1,New Setting

Setting1=11.0 140.0,Original Setting
Setting2=7.0 255.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=-5.0 4290.0,Original Setting
Setting2=5.5 680.0,New Setting
Setting3=5.5 1450.0,New Setting
Setting4=6.0 252.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=-8.5 210.0,Original Setting
Setting2=8.0 280.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=8.0 99.0,Original Setting
Setting2=8.0 280.0,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=-9.0 1600.0,Original Setting
Setting2=7.0 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=-16.6 13939.6,Original Setting
Setting2=7.4 250.1,New Setting
Setting3=7.6 1200.6,Andreas Frank setting

Setting1=9.5 4220,Original Setting
Setting2=5.0 650.0,New Setting
Setting3=5.0 1100.0,New Setting
Setting4=5.0 1435.0,New Setting

Setting1=13.5 4240.2,Original
Settomg2=13.5 280.2,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=15.2 100.2,Original

Setting1=-7.0 315.0,Original Setting
Setting2=6.0 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=20.5 100.0,Original Setting
Setting2=13.0 950,New Setting

Setting1=12.0 005.0,Original Setting
Setting2=4.6 250.10,New Setting

Setting1=12.0 5900.0,Original Setting
Setting2=7.5 500.0,New Setting

Setting1=14.4 350,Original Setting
Setting2=7.0 275.0,New Setting

Setting1=9.2 40.2,Original
Setting2=6.4 1100.2,Andreas Frank Setting

Setting1=10.0 700.0,Original Setting
Setting2=9.0 275.00,New Setting

Setting1=7.0 3828.6,Original Setting
Setting2=5.5 260.0,New Setting
Setting3=7.0 590.0,Andreas Frank setting
Setting4=5.5 700.0,New Setting

Good luck, good racing.

I thought I was wrong once, but I was wrong!