[GPL] Flagman update


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sagt mir bscheid wenn ich das schon gepostet hab. kommt mir so vor...


Here are the files. The zip contains six files all of which go into the objs folder. The five *.srb files are for the guy standing there and holding up a flag. The pbf file is where GPL gets the palette from to color the guy. I don't think it will affect the starter or the guy with the checker flag but it will probably mess up the color of the guys waving the flags at the end of the race and when he sometimes waves the yellow flag instead of just holding it.
I downloaded the demo for poser and will give it a try. Thanks.


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Here is the guy from the GP3 demo transported back in time to 1967. He is a little less pixelated than the old flagman but I think his face is a little too blurry so I will surf the web in search of a new head for him.

Well, I reduced the number of sub-images and the focus improved so I'll just post the files in case anybody wants to give them a try. Unzip into your objs folder.