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My first contribution to all this, here's a Canadian helmet for the new Eagle. Just drop it in your Eagle folder. Rename the original first in case you don't like it.

Canadian helmet

Here's one I like better:

Canadian helmet 2

Here's a screenshot of the first one.

If this goes over at all, there will be more. (Later...) Oh, what the heck, here's a Mexican one as well. Rename it "plahelm.mip" and drop it in the Eagle folder.

Mexican helmet

Here's my first go at it. I'm having a little trouble getting a flag I like on the front, so I hope this will do for now. Enjoy, I hope...

Us helmet 1

...and a "spangled" version. This is more like it.

US helmet 2 "spangled"


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And French, US #1 reversed. Working on Union Jack.

French helmet

Here's some requests...

I found that trying to do the helmet in quarters like the flag resulted in a kinda garbled look, esp. with my limited skills, so I went half and half. I can appreciate the problems Bruce was having trying to work with the standard helmets... Anyway, here's the result. Hope you like it.

Maryland helmet


The black triangle at one end is obscured by both the engine and the wraparound of image to helmet, but the basic color scheme looks pretty close to me. This project looks like it might turn into a web page where any improvements I come up with might be found in the future. Meanwhile, I hope you like what I've come up with. (BTW, did I get the correct flag? )

South Africa helmet

J. P. Hovercraft

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Frage zu der Install. der Helme

hoi Männers,
funzen die Helme nur bei der Neusten GPLEA Eagle Version, oder kann ich da was umbenennen um sie für die Standartversion zu nutzen.
Oder liese sich das helmet3DO*von GPLEA in eine andere Eagle Version einfügen??

Ciao Gianni

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I've been playing around with helmets for the new Eagle again and here's the result. There's helmets for Denmark, Finland, Italy, Japan, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland (2 of them), and a Union Jack that looks pretty good if I do say so myself. Here's the link if you want to check them out. Unzip them to a temporary folder and rename the one you want to use to "plahelm.mip" and put it in your Eagle folder. Be sure to rename your current "plahelm.mip" in order to save it.

HelmPak 1

Cornish helmet
...and one for Jackie Stewart fans.

Stewart helmet

J. P. Hovercraft

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Football Helmets by Thommo

What with all the serious track and car editing that's going on (thanks everyone, by the way), I've gone for something that's the most frivolous thing I could think of...
Football Helmets! From both sides of the pond. 1 set for the FA Premiership, one for the NFL (just in time for the Thanksgiving games).

cheers (and have a good holiday you lucky swine in the States)

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