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Finally we release Castle Combe for GPL :-)

This track is our representation of Castle Combe, sometime post-war and pre-modern day. We have tried to recreate, as accurately as possible, the altitudes and feel of what, in real life, is known for being a bumpy track.

Part of our overall aim was also to make a track which was a little bit closer to the real thing than most of the original 11 are. We always felt that they were a bit lifeless and *too clean*. We wanted to be brought a few steps closer to being there for real - especially from cockpit view.

Yes, we know that is impossible (it's just a game right? but we wanted a dirty, irregular, natural feel about the track. We wanted suspension parts moving all the time and we wanted objects spread about the track and not presented in picture perfect but unnatural mathematical rows. This is what we tried to acheive.

If we really got that right? We could tell you one thing but that wouldn't be worth didley. The only way for you to really know is to install it and run it yourself. Then you will know without the shadow of a doubt

If the track seems a bit unforgiving, practice more :P It's worth it - the track is very rewarding when you get it right.

A few notes:
There are 4 different versions of the track for you to download. They cater for your different needs regarding FPS.
Needless to say, all versions have exactly the same physics - the only difference is in appearance.

Speaking of appearance - all textures for Castle Combe are originals and made specifically for this track. They are all 4-bit with the exception of the 16-bit sky.
As a matter of interest we could, and will, mention that the base for the grass is actually Fredriks bathroom carpet and the tarmac is based on a photo of part of his old sofa. The sky is a mix of a Southern Swedish winter day and images from Australian Severe Weather ( http://australiansevereweather.simplenet.com ).
The crowd is made from scratch and they all wear Paul Smith, Hugo Boss, Vivienne Westwood, Armani, etc. We think it's safe to say that it is prolly the best dressed crowd in GPL ;-) The originals for the people were taken from the First View site ( http://www.firstview.com ) and their catwalk piccies. Excellent resource for budding track builders to create new crowds.

An alternative trackcam is available for download. It is more suited to view online racing as it shows more of the track and more cars at every camera angle.

A tip for learning the track is to turn in early, use four gears only and, if possible, to stick to the grey stuff

So what are you waiting for?

People and aliens alike: go download it! It's right here http://www.designerslaboratory.com/gpl waiting for you :-)

Michael Cotchin & Fredrik Nornemark

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Track History
Castle Combe Circuit opened just 18 months after Silverstone in the summer of 1950, making it one of the longest established circuits in the UK. Until 1999, the circuit followed it's original layout, around the perimeter of the old air base.
In that first year, a young Stirling Moss won a race and over the next few years, names like Mike Hawthorn, Colin Chapman, Les Leston, Roy Salvadori and John Surtees thrilled huge crowds.
By the 60's, several planning constraints had seen the circuit become run down and although the old Brands Hatch company, Motor Circuit Developments tried hard to develop meetings in the early 70's with Formula 5000 and other major events, planning problems prevented long term development. However in 1976, the circuit lease was obtained by the current owners and the long road to developing the circuit as a modern national racing venue began. Nigel Mansell, Ayrton Senna, and David Coulthard all won races in the 70's and 80's, and by the 90's, the circuit hosted rounds of most of the national championships.
Today, the circuit boasts modern facilities for competitors and spectators, and the resurfaced and now reshaped circuit providing what is generally recognised as providing the closest circuit racing in British motorsport.

Let's take a flying lap of the circuit.
The track starts with a flat out right handed kink of "Folly". With a nice and easy line using the full width of the track you should take this initial right-hander flat out with no trouble, you then head up a short incline to "Avon Rise".
"Avon Rise" is a deceptive corner, the approach requires you to brake on the right of the track before you pull the car over for the left cresting corner itself. Avon Rise's left hand apex should be taken with a lift on the brakes to avoid locking up wheels and pivoting your car into a spin. It is a very tricky section as you have to factor in "Quarry Corner" when you tackle "Avon Rise".
"Quarry Corner" is on top of you very quickly once you have cleared the brow of "Avon Rise" you have to smartly apply the brakes and gain the control back even though you don't really get much time to recover from Avon Rise, especially if you have carried alot fo speed through. Quarry is pretty easy should you have got the car under control and down to a safe speed. Quarry's exit is pretty wide which means you can enhance exit speed drifting out to the left under power, so don't charge at it like a bull at a gate. Try to hold your throttle in check until you can unleash it as you power out of the corner, sweeping out wide onto "Farm Straight". This straight is pretty wide so always check your mirrors on the exit should you need to take a defensive line down the "Farm Straight".
"Old Paddock Bend" is a corner that demands attention, it is the fastest corner you will have to brake for. Some drivers like to use the dirt on the left to turn in on to make the corner softer, and also hook a wheel on the dirt on the apex. Try to keep things smooth as the mid corner bump and the tightening exit make it all too easy to get too much wheelspin or loose the back end on the dirt on the exit, spin across the track and into the barley field on the inside of the track.
"Hammerdown" this is where the track narrows slightly and sweeps over to the left after "Old Paddock Bend". You want to hold the left side of the track to hold the racing line for the next right-hander of "Tower Corner".
"Tower Corner" is a tough right-hander you want to be tight on the left side of the track and brake firmly. The approach is downhill and as you turn through the corner the effect makes you feel like there is a twists of negative camber. Avoid this with a late but strong turn in to hug the apex as early as you can in the corner. The exit is uphill which sllows you to apply some power and drift to the left for the blast to "West Way". The next straight leads towards a fast flat out right hand kink of "West Way". So long as you remember to turn in and don't let the car drift off track on exit you should have no trouble here as you head along "Dean Straight" past the tight pit lane entrance towards the final corner.
"Camp Corner" is a long right hander that falls away as you turn through it. The yellow line marking the pit lane entrace is a good visual key to this bumpy corner. The track widens as you turn through the corner, so use this extra width to let he car drift wide over the starting grid, ending on the left-hand side of the track under full acceleration for the run to Folly after you complete a lap.

Driver Quotes.
"A short, fast and addictive track. Overtaking is tough, but taking the defensive line will really slow your car down alot."

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AI cars for Castle Combe
Have fun, i do.

unzip into C:\Sierra\gpl\tracks\ccombe

I set them for just above 1 minute laps i think, so many Xmas parties the last 3 days i cant remeber my name


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