[GPL] Canadian Eagle AI driver released by Bruce M. Johnson


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Al Pease Eagle edit...
Hi all,

This is an additional edit to Bruce's new AI driver for the GPLEA eagle, Al Pease. The Al Pease Eagle has a full white paint on the nose, so I simply edited the Pea11a.3do file to call it's own dash mips, and then painted the top portion of the dash white to match the skin. I also edited the glass.mip to remove the white stripe reflection. This will affect all the cars, however, so be sure to back up any files you plan to overwrite. Thanks to Bruce, Ken (GPLSF and GPLEA) and everyone involved with this great car.

Please reference this thread to view the car and the dash and glass changes.


The zip includes a new pea11a.3do, an edited "glass.mip" and three new mip files which are edits of original mips by other names. These are "peadash.mip", "pedashl.mip", and "pedashr.mip". Please be sure to back up your original "glass.mip" and your "pea11a.3do" before using. Then extract the zip into your GPLEA Eagle directory.

Note, you should install Bruces Al Pease car first and you can find it in the above referenced thread as well. It's a great car and another fine addition to the GPLEA Eagle, and thanks to all who contributed to it's production



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ist jetzt endlich zum download bereit. einfach in den auto parts shop dann eagle und oben auffa page issa gleich.