[GPL] BAPOM stuff that nobody asked for... 106 new newspaper articles.


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BAPOM stuff that nobody asked for... 106 new newspaper articles...

Hey there,
Well, I\'m still having a hard time working up any sort of enthusiasm for most of the recent track releases (though DaytonaMK is growing on me).

Kudos to thommo for putting out F2/F3 program sets for the two new versions of Croft - good work! I may eventually do F1 programs for those two tracks, but who can say...

Also, a hearty thumbs-up to the Wild South guys for putting together a pretty nice track (complete with the requisite BAPOM program set)!

Anyway, so I\'m sitting here bored out of my mind, waiting for Bathurst to be released, and decided to go drive ThunderJet, one of my faves. In a rare turn of events, I actually finished a GPL race...whereupon I noticed that the newspaper picture wasn\'t quite right - it didn\'t have the bottom shadowing, nor the proper yellowing.

You can imagine my embarrassment!

I\'ve whipped up a complete set of updated newspaper pictures for all 106 program sets that BAPOM has released prior to WildSR.

Yes, this is a very minor thing, and nobody asked for it - but hell, that\'s all the more reason to make sure it\'s done right!

--John Bradley, BAPOM Lunatic

GPL Programs, and plenty of \'em, at the BAPOM site:

auf deutsch, john war langweilig, da erkannte er seine pedantische seite und machte kurzerhand 106 passende zeitungsartikel zu seinen plakaten!