[GPL] Authentic Team Logos by Ian Barrett


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I have just posted a new set of team badges over at RaceSIM Forums -LINK HERE -.
All are my original work apart from my recommended Honda logo which was produced by Bruce M. Johnson.

All badges are authentic correct era badges. The picture gives an idea of the final result. All of these badges are BIG and occupy all of the available space on the screen. Every logo, and some included alternatives, have been produced from photos that I have taken of the actual cars. They are best used as a complete set because I have amended this file so that a full size Lotus logo can be displayed.

The included files are as follows:

The badge on the nose of the 1967 Brabham BT24-1 in the Donington Collection museum.

The badge on the nose of Jo Bonnier's 1967 T-81 in the Donington Collection museum.

The badge on the front of Graham Hill's 1967 Lotus 49 which is in the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. One of the staff was puzzled that I stood in front of the car taking dozens of photos of the same thing but he obviously loves the car too. He invited me over the ropes to walk around the car and take loads more photos.

Unfortunatley the badge on Donington's P83 is a little battleworn so I have used the nose badge from Donington's 1969 P139 instead. The badges are identical but this one is in better nick.

The oblong badge seen on the nose of Ferraris. It is from Donington's 1970 Flat 12 F1 car. Alternatively you may prefer the more usual Ferrari shield from the side of the same car.

Bruce's Honda badge which I have included for completeness although I can't confirm its authenticity. It can be difficult to find on his site sometimes.

The badge from the Donington 1966 Eagle Coventry Climax as raced by Dan in the 1967 South African grand prix. The badge is actually chrome and convex. It is difficult as photographing the back of a spoon. All you get is reflections of the surroundings, my camera and my hands. It took me 3 visits to Donington to get a reasonable photo.

Various alternatives are also included.

This is my first attempt at returning something to the GPL community - thanks all.


PS I'll try to link to the image I posted over there If I can work out how.