[GPL] "Aldo Scribante" Released


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[GPL] \\\"Aldo Scribante\\\" Released

Aldo Scribante is now available for download. Go here to get it: http://f2festival.simracing.dk/aldohistory.htm

I have to make one quick addition here to the read me file. I have just realised that I have forgotten to thank Mark Beckman in the readme for doing the AI. SO thank you to Mark for helping me out.
Also thanks to Paul Jackson for the setups (he is credited in the readme!)

Direktlink zum Download --> hier <--

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Aldo CTD fix

Track "aldo" FPS and CTD mip set......
Complete 4 bit mip set for Johnathon Merry's track "aldo".

At present most mips are 16 bit but wont see much difference in quality :-)

Should be big help for FPS and maybe solve Crash to Desktop problems for some as all mips have been optimised and cleaned of faults.

1 meg download.

Unzip straight into C:\Sierra\gpl\tracks\aldo track folder.

Asphalt could look better, maybe a job for "Super Eric" !

Big thanks to Klaus Horbrand/Winmip2 and his great tips for mips !

AI cars are in this add-on forum too :-)


Mark Beckman, just hangin around.
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doch kein unfug! zum schluss installieren, dann noch die track.ini..

I only did the AI last night and not even totally sure what they are like as it was late.

Tell me if they need any correction and heres the set as someone above has said their track didnt come with AI.

This isnt an update set.


Mark Beckman,
Available to any GPLer in need.

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High res textures by Van Gossum

Hi all,

For those (like me) who don't have any problem of CTD with the new track ALDO

And who have a great PC too ...

i've made some high resolution textures in 16 bit ...

Here is the ZIP ... put the files in your ALDO directory and enjoy ...



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Updated and fixed Aldo Scribante zip 1

I have uploaded a revised version of the Aldo Scribante install files. Fixed are the following:

- revised mips that should fix CTD problems (big thanks to Stefan Magnusson for that)
- track.ini revised so that all cars qualify and increased AI lap speed
- Starter hut and flagman moved forward so they are visible from front rows at the start
- AI added
- thanks to Mark Beckman added to read me

here is the url to get the new zip file:

Hopefully that will solve all the problems now.
There is a lowres 4bit mip patch (thanks to Mark Beckman) also available at the same url.

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