[GPL] A few additions to the P261


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A few additions to the P261...
BRM P261 update

This update is to the latest 3d helmet version of the P261 available from Loyd's GPL Engine works site, and Stefan's GPL addons site. Two versions are available, 1) Graphic mirrors has the individual driver graphic mirror reflections in replay, and 2) Working mirrors, which has the reflective mirrors as introduced by Bruce Johnson on his Brabham.

This update includes a textured windscreen. The windscreen graphic, and subsequent edits are based upon Bruce Johnson's "screen.mip" Thank you Bruce for your permission to edit your graphic. It also includes outside mirror graphics. My inspiration for the outside mirror graphic was the GPLEA Eagle version 2. After seeing how much difference it made in the overall appearance of the car in replay, I made a graphic and added them to the BRM P261.3do. The bmirtex.mip is an edit of Michaels rework of the mirror graphics. Thank you Michael for your great work.

I also toned down the wine colored steering wheel and shifter knob. All previous credit, permissions and attributes remain in place from the intial release. Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the P261. Please reference the extensive list of credits in the full download.

The zip includes two directories, 1)graphic mirror, and 2)working mirrors. Place both in your BRM P261 directory and select which version you prefer. Please back up any files you decide to overwrite, especially in your initial update. Please copy all the files from each folder into your main BRM directory.

Please refer to this thread to look at screenshots of the changes.



p261 update100202ca.zip

Making things simple, I hope...
Ok guys,

After a number of questions, I'm going to try and simplify things abit. I've removed the separate "alan's 3do" folder from the full download. I've now added Alan's shock mips to both the working and graphic mirror options. I've done away with the old shock configuration, so now both the "working mirrors" and the "graphic mirrors" use Alan's updated shock placements and graphics. I hope you don't mind me doing this Alan, but it's so confusing trying to update so many 3do's.

For those that have downloaded the full, I'm sorry, but I've replaced the download above and for those who wish to just use one mirror method, here are the two options in separate zips.

Here's the zip for the "graphic mirror's" with the individualized mirror reflections by Stefan Magnusson, Alan's shocks and my latest updates.

graphic mirrors_ada.zip

And here is the "working mirrors" option with Alan's shock placement and mips, along with my latest updates.

I hope this helps.


working mirrors_ada.zip

:)) :rolleyes: :))
I realize that I made a mess out of this update, but there are just so many different 3do's running about, that I couldn't possibly find time to edit them all. For example, there's the "2d helmet", "3d helmet with working mirrors", "3d helmet with graphic mirrors", "3d helmet with working mirrors and Alan's shocks", "3d helmet with graphic mirrors and Alan's shocks", so on and so forth. I've just done the two above. They are the one's I use. I'm sorry if I didn't update the particular 3do you like but I've spent a great number of hours just doing these two.

btw, Alan says that Guy Barret's new Lotus shock mips look rather good with this configuration as well. Of course you'd have to rename the mips. I found Guy Barret's lotus shocks at Racesim Central. Here's the link to the files


If you use Guy's shocks, you'll need to rename them bshok.mip and bid.mip respectively. I haven't tried them, so can't vouch for how they look.


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Putting a few finishing touches to the P261...
Hi guys,

Sorry for the extra update so soon after the windscreen, but this is something that I had been working on and hadn't finished and wasn't sure if I would ever get it to my satisfaction. Thanks to Loyd Cole, my expectations were met much sooner than I had expected.

The update includes an entirely new front suspension. Loyd has completed some really nice front hubs for the P261. I slightly shaded the uprights and suspension arm to coordinate with the new hubs.

Loyd has also finished his latest updated P261 skins and engine graphics. I always expect quality with Loyd's textures, and he hasn't disappointed. They are great.

You have the choice of the graphic mirrors, or the working mirrors. Both require the latest 3d helmet update from Stefan to be installed as well as my windscreen released a few days ago in this forum.

Here's a few screenshots of the updates and you'll find the zips below.



Here's the "working" mirrors 3do and mips.

working mirrors ns.zip

And the "graphic" mirrors...


graphic mirrors ns.zip