[GPL] 68 winged Ferrari by CJM


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Ferrari 3do with wings
Here is a Ferrari 3do with wings. It is built on top of Alan's fixed image mirror update to Philippe's new 1967 Ferrari 3do so you will need to install those updates first. I have not made a ReadMe so I will just hit the main points here. The download includes a 3do and a mip for the wing texture. All the Ferraris will share the wing texture, I did not make it individual as I had originally planned. I added texture to the nose polygons so that if you want to add stripes or decals in that area now you can. I did not add the rear wing to the very lowest detail level, so if you have the detail slider set to 50% or less you will probably notice the wing disappears as you fall far enough behind another Ferrari. Since the 3D helmets are not in the lowest detail either, if you can see the helmet switching then you will notice the wing disappearing. Thats about it, oh yes, I also moved the points where the rear suspension arms join to the car body so they hit the back of the car mip like they used to. Screenshot in the next post.



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Oh Mann ist das Ding häßlich!

Das Ganze kann ja wohl nur ne :)) -Nummer sein, wer setzt sich denn bitte in so ein Gefährt mit Dach!

Da würd ich doch glatt den Brabbel vorzieh.... , ?( QUATSCH! So häßlich kann ein Ferrari gar net sein! :P

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da hat doch sicher Marco Saupe seine krummen finger im spiel gehabt :tadel: