[GPL] 2002 Nürburgring Add-On by Martin W.


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Ready 4 DL: Nurburgring2002-Addon 1


Hi, here's my belated christmas-present to the GPL-community:
The Nürburgring2002-Addon. Have fun!
For more screenshots click here!

DL here (germany, reliable):
http://www.rz.fh-ulm.de/~welter/pub/nur2002b.exe (~2.2MB)

Mirror (UK, maybe not so reliable):

From the readme (sorry I'm lazy ):

December 25, 2001 v0.9
Title : nurb2002-addon
Author : Martin Welter
Email Address : martin.welter@gmx.de
Description : up-to-date looking, HiRes Nürburgring-Addon
Thanks to :
-Magnus Thomé, allowing me to include his 3do-work into this update and giving a lot of great ideas and suggestions.

-Darkgreen for his great 16bit nurburg-trees. I include them in this addon as long they don't have a lasting HP.

-Goetz Poppitz: I've included his 3do-file that removes the clipping of the telephone poles at Breidscheid.

-Klaus Hörbrand for his wonderful mip-editor "Winmip".


Editor(s) used : Winmip v2.0.14
Paint Shop Pro 6
Known Bugs : none (as yet), but Voodoo-owners read underneath!
Build Time : too long
To do : start/finish-section still unfinished
Voodoo-users : This addon requires a graphiccard that can handle textures with 512x512 pixels. Voodoo2&3 aren't capable
of this, sorry. Voodoo4&5-users have to use Direct3D.

**Why another ring-addon?**

The intention was to let the Nordschleife look like nowadays:
Today, it's surrounded by LOT of armco, and red/white racing-curbs
exists in most turns. Also the section-signs are green and a lot of
them have other positions as papy's originals.

I adjusted the textures to the sky-texture from Simon Stobbard and
Darkgreen's nurb-trees and tried to create a more realistic look to
the track by toning the colours down somewhat to remove this
'cartoony' look (that a lot of tracks have).

The start/finish-section is still unfinished but already updated
with a lot of new advertising- and building-mips to let it look
more modern.

Magnus Thomé allowed me to include his great 3do-updates for the
Nürburgring, that are:
- up-to-date looking and positioned section-signs (I revised his
- up-to-date 3dos for Brünnchen and Adenauer-Forst (to replace the
trees by peoples).
- new 3dos for the Bridges at Antoniusbuche and Aremberg which
allows me to use two different mips for the bridges.
- 24hour-Rennen sign on (slightly redone) bridge after Karussell


All files go into your "gpl/tracks/nurburg" or "nurb84"-folder:

1. Maybe you want to make a backup of your nurburg-folder.

2. Download and install (if you don't have already) Simon Stobbard's
ring-sky (ring_sky.zip):

3. Install my nur2002b-addon in your "nurb84" or "nurburg"-trackfolder.
Let it overwrite existing files.

4. Enjoy!


- Lot of different armcos, fences, grass, advertisings, spectators,
racing curbs, bridges, signs...

This addon has been designed for the enjoyment of all GPL drivers.
This is beta, so any comments, critisisms or suggestions are most