[GPL] 16 bit Ferrari skin by Eguzo


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another 16 bit Ferrari skin...
.....for those of you who can use 16 bit car skins.



Thank you everyone! Here's version 2 with some more reflections added. Looks slightly better in my opinion. I'm not sure about 4 bit one but I think I'll give it a try when I have more time and if I think I made it I'll post here.


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Thank you for lot of responces. And yes, ferrari 3do I'm using now is JF 1.2 + update2. Sorry. BTW, I made another update. Maybe I overdone it this time but what do you think? And does any of you happened to know how to apply textures on nose sides( I don't know how you call that part) in ferrari 3do? I'm sorry but not sure about 4 bit skin. I never done that before so I have no idea where I should start to be honest. I tried converting 16 bit one to 4 bit with irfanview but result was not really very good.


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Redone halls on the nose which looks slightly better IMO. Some more reflections added but this made untextured parts even more stand out, hmm. Now that other cars got major cosmetic surgery and became so gorgeous, this red car needs more serious attenton


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Es gibt immer noch ne Steigerung

und ich dachte besser ging es nicht mehr nach JF's Arbeiten
Schade das die Auspuffrohre so bescheiden ausgefallen sind.

Ciao Gianni