[GPL] 16 bit darker\more blue Eagle mips by Stian Svendson


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Here is the modified Eagle skin ive made , go to this thread to look at some screenshots : http://forum.racesimcentral.com/sho...&threadid=12088

And then please read the readme file , where credit is given to those that really deserve it , in other words not me

I paste it in here as well ,hope someone finds these mips nice , i will do 4 bit Versions soon.

From the readme file :

******* 16-bit Skins for The wonderful GPLEA Eagle by Stian Svendsen 27. december 2001

First of all : I want to say that the hard work in making these skins was already made by Ken Drouillard of GPLEA and owner of the site GPLSF,I just used his base skin and darkened and added some more colour.

Others that worked on this car were : Gustavo Olivera and Joe Lafrite , i kneel down and kisses these 3 guys feet for their work and for allowing me to release these files.


Included is mips for ***16 bit*** ,whatever worked for u with your original GPLEA car should work here ,in other words if u couldnt get the 16 bits to work with your GPLEA original Eagle ,then u need to install the other 4 bit zip.

U also have the choice of driving a red Mclaren yourself , or having Bruce Mclaren drive a blue eagle. To drive a Mclaren u need to paste in the 3do file that is in the Options folder that comes with the GPLEA Eagle .
All cars are here , so also those that u will see in online races.



First of all u need to go grab the GPLEA Eagle from the site linked below , its in the
Car Projects section ,install that from the instructions that comes with it . Then take a trip into GPL to assure that it is working correctly.

Now u just unzip these files to your Eagle folder (for example : c:\sierra\gpl\cars\cars67\eagl
e) let the files overwrite the old ones .
Read above about the 16 \4 bit issue.


Links related to these files :

GPLEA (Grand Prix Legends Editors Assosiation) Cars,Tracks,Track Creating Tools and a great forum if u need help in GPL : http://www.sportplanet.com/gpl/

GPLSF (Grand Prix Legends Spares Factory) State of the art cockpits for GPL :

Again a huge thank u to all those editors that inspire and impress daily ,keep it up !

If someone would like to modify these mips i guess u should ask for permission from the GPLEA , as i have just used GPLEAs as base , my permission will not be necessary , do what u want with em as long as u ask GPLEA :-)

Lastly , im sorry if this read me is poorly written and the zip perhaps not as handy as it could have been , im not too good with such stuff .

eagle16bit_stian v1.0 zip1.zip

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16 bit darker\more blue Eagle mips ready for download *NEW VERSION*

ups, morgen dann aber :)