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Darf ich solche Bilder auf einer rein privaten homepage die keinerlei kommerzielle Interessen verfolgt verwenden?

Wäre dankbar für fundierte Antworten (Links)

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Can I post images to the web?

We're flattered to hear that you're further incorporating Google Earth into your online world. You can personally use an image from the application (for example on your website, on a blog or in a word document) as long as you preserve the copyrights and attributions including the Google logo attribution. However, you cannot sell these to others, provide them as part of a service, or use them in a commercial product such as a book or TV show without first getting a rights clearance from Google.

If you require these commercial rights, please visit the 'contact us' link and submit your request through the 'Other problem' link. In your email, please provide details about why this information is needed and how it will be used.

: Use of images - Google Earth Help

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