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ESC - Open ESC menu (Use Arrows and ENTER to Navigate)
F1 through F9 - Pit Service Controls (Use Arrows and SPACE to Navigate)
PageUp & PageDown - Change Driving Views
PauseBreak - Pause Game
PrintScreen - Take Screen Shot
F - Toggle Framerate Counter
G - Toggle Gauges in External Driving Views
H - Display Keyboard Shortcuts
L - Latency and Quality Report (Multiplayer Clients Only)
M - Toggle Mirror Detail Level
N - Toggle Car Interior Display in Mirror
O - Toggle Trackside Object Detail Level
S - Toggle Speed/Gear/Flag Indicator
T - Initiate Chat Message, use ENTER to Send (Multiplayer Only)
V - Change Focus to Next Driver (car must be stopped)
CTRL+V - Change Focus Back to Player Car
SHIFT+V - Change Focus to Previous Driver (car must be stopped)
CTRL+C - Display Real-Time Communication Meters (Multiplayer Clients Only)
CTRL+I - Toggle Lap Info Messages
CTRL+L - Check Leader Position
SHIFT+R - Return to Pit
SHIFT+T - View/Reset Tachometer Telltale