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Fellow rF2 sim racers,

I am reaching out to you all to share a rFactor 2 data platform Fidgrove.

Fidgrove is currently building a solution to help improve driving performance and optimize setups. Tbh, they still have a long journey ahead of them in order to fulfil this vision, but they continue to build towards that goal. Fidgrove plan on deploying new features regularly.
That all being said, here is a list of features that you can already benefit from by using their platform (free to use):
Store all data logged in Fidgrove’s private servers for free, with no data shared with anyone without your explicit consent
  • Leverage on rich metadata for quick and easy data searches (e.g., sessions, setups, etc.)
  • Check sessions details with summary status per stint and table with lap information (e.g., lap time, sector times, fuel used, lap used)
  • For electric cars, see average eTorque Motor Mode and Regeneration Mode for each lap shown in session details page
  • Analyze session with over 30 auto-generated run charts (e.g., lap time evolution, % max throttle per lap, avg. understeer angle per lap, tire wear per lap, avg. core tire temps evolution, min/max brake temps per lap, etc.) and correlation charts (avg. fuel mix mode vs lap time/fuel used, avg. core temps vs max g-forces per lap, avg. Water on Track vs Lap Time)
  • Check multiple indicators for any recorded lap, including regarding time performance, traction (e.g., max G-Forces, # lock-ups, max % tire spin), Tires & Fuel (e.g., % Full Throttle, Average Mix Mode), and minimum, average and maximum values for operating window variables (e.g., tire temps and pressures, brake temps, water and oil temps when available, etc.)
  • Track setups used in each session automatically, linking them with their respective historical performance (download them easily)
  • Track personal best laps for each specific car-track combo and compare performance between cars
  • Create and join private or public communities to compete for best lap times
They have automated support to all Studio 397 content, as well as other other official licensed mods. Leagues’ content is supported on a basis by case for now, and as long as they’re derivatives of official content (e.g., no ripped content). Fidgrove recently added support to some other series used cars, and they will be adding support for the league’s tracks as they become available.

Using the platform is quite easy (no configs nor file management on your side needed):
  • Register a user in our platform: https://station.fidgrove.com/register
  • Download and install Fidgrove DataLogger in your sim computer (downloadable once you log in)
  • Drive
  • Check recorded data and insights in the Engineering Station
As they are focused on building next features, it would be great to have feedback and new ideas to improve Fidgrove’s data solution. Feel free to reach out to their Discord (https://discord.gg/jx8txHkS), if you want to get in touch with them!

You can also contact me on this Forum for any questions, comments and feedback in German language.


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