Fantasy Track Road Ontario by MBennet


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Fictional road course set in the rolling hills of Southern Ontario, October 67
3.727 miles
13 turns
Ups and downs
Lap times in the 1.47.xx region

This is my first attempt at track building. It has its flaws, but I learned alot of things, and had alot of fun, (and a bit of frustration at times), through the whole process. If I was starting this track from scratch today I would go about things very differently and these flaws would be eliminated, but being that it is my first attempt, and the fact it is a fictional track, I don't have the inclination to back and fix the niggly problems. Besides, I don't think it's that bad, it's just not "perfect" like Sachsenring, Lime Rock, etc etc etc
While I realize there are many many high quality tracks available, I thought I would release this one anyway in the hope that someone, somewhere may get some enjoyment out of it. The next project will utilize everything learned here and hopefully will come out as a more polished product.

Big thanks go out to Cesare Ascari, James "Soul" Sowell and Stuart "Mad" Cowie.

COMING SOON... Waterloo Regional Speedway
2.3 Mile/Tri Oval

NOTE... This track is Voodoo Approved!!

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EDIT...hehe... I forgot to put the readme in the zip...