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The F1 1989 season brought to you by F1 seventies
the 3d models were originally from cherry for f1c and now he decided to allow us to use his models and we are doing the Formula one 1989 season for Rfactor.

To make things clear this models firstable were permited to mmg but this is no longer permitted to MMG since cherry has cancelled it. And cherry gave permission to F1 seventies to develop the mod and also help for the f1challenge version.
So at the moment Here in F1 seventies we are yet working on the Mod,
With Montesky, Albert McSaltens, Eddie Matapayos, Pablo, Nerbur.
The Mod will inlcue all teams with diferent chasis configurations as shown during the season, with its diferrent front and rear wings, all drivers, realistic sounds and physics, asweel as tracks.

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Rfactor f1 1989 mod on Vimeo
rFactor 1989 MOD (WIP) on Vimeo