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User 8850: Race 2 was fantastic. Somehow i feel sorry for you that you felt so far behind the top-places, but fighting with you was just great. Really appreciate your patience and way of fighting.

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Hey alright!
do we get scored in grid 2 less? just curious.
i raced my but off whilst trying not to run into some one-
i don't know who but there was some argy-bargy in race 2 i saw the mess in my mirrors.
on to Nürburgring

User 22896

Hi David,

there are indeed different points awarded for grid 1 and grid 2.
I have attached the distribution again here.


User 28396

OOh that's what this was, I thought it was race grid points, (race 1 max and race 2 inverted grid had less points) now I see thanks.
I hope all this management is not too much trouble for you😬👍