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Oh wow another MAN TGA! What body or better who uses this currently? It seems older style like the 2006

Reminds me of webasto truck racer 2006.jpg tgs_etr_1.jpg

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So now we have 40 Drivers willing to drive, we have a full Grid now :)

We will go into the races with max. 40 drivers, this will be full, 13 Drivers more then the Testrace.

So 2 important points.

1.) Test in a offline race with 40 Trucks if your PC is able to do this.

2.) Be calm and respectfull on the track. 1 mistake can create a huge chaos.

I will not do 2 Splits at the moment, but if we have more entrants we will probaly do. Time will show :)

First for now, have a lot of fun in a super full grid of beautiful race trucks

I think 40 trucks at the same time could be "dangerous".

In clasification you don´t know if the truck that is chasing is in fast lap or if is cooling (in real there is blue flags for that). Find a gap to do a clean fast lap will be a miracle, haha.

In my opinion ;-)
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User 28471

This amount of drivers could be very hard and cause a lot of crashes. however if every one is respectful and drives clean it could be a very fun and exiting championship. i guess we will see

User 15726

We'll see how we're going to do it exactly.
We will do some advertising for the league with our partners in a timely manner.
Maybe then more riders will join us and we will divide the driver field into splits.

User 28396

or have heat races for the main event?
once the field spreads out it should be pretty good i think

User 15726

heat would be to much organaisation work. we will see what happens until next week and then decide

User 28396

go get it at Race department
the Rickard Rydell racer brought to the Volvo Truck!

User 28396

more Meta Volvo racers!
Scott McLaughlin of V8 supercars raced this paint and it was a tribute to the Group A 240 Volvo, and this is a tribute to that.
many layers of tribute and awesome volvo wilson SM.JPG
available on Race Department.
speaking of, many have inquired about obtaining this MOD, i am not at liberty to share, but does anyone here wish to do so? maybe later but it is pretty good

User 28396

Oh no! Any regular people track guide ahead of the race?
I only just ran the track it last night. I think I overdrive many corners

User 28396

updated my skins for the MAN H (it was built on the "D" variant before)
on race department shortly

update lrs MAN H.PNG

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Hello Everybody. Since Autodrom Most I have problem with my pedal settings in Assetto Corsa. I try everything reinstall game driver as well and nothing help yet. Throttle Brake and the Clutch pedal pushed same time while I do not anything with the pedal.
In other games works normally but only in Corsa do this..
Is somebody has same problem ever?


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