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Great news we get to do it again!
i saw the announcement and i wanted to make a suggestion can we update the number plate to be more alike the 2022-2023 ones used in ETRC?
I changed the color to match the old official EDRC one. how is that? do we get to vote- it is okay if we use our standard ones, i will race the same truck i think

EDRC II suggestion or something like it the pattern might need rework or deleting 2023 suggestion number plate.PNG
ETRC 2022-2023 2022-2023 number plate.PNG
id be happy to work on it or give you guys the psd file
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Good, because I have only the blue one yet 😂😂


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Can someone pass me the link to pay 20€ for racing the championship?

I don´t find it in the page of virtualracing (I dónt speak german, and the google translator to spanish doesn´t translate everything...)

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Put 2 new Trucks in the sync, maybe there is one you like more then your choosen one, just contact me :D

The G


and the H