Event EDRC | Testevent | Hungaroring | 17.01.2021


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Hello together,

the most of us never do truck racing in assetto corsa (except for our spanish friends :) ) so we will do this testrace to get a first feeling for the trucks and the schedule and may also get to know each other a bit so that we can see, who is driving how on the track.

Also it is a test if all our regulations wre translated and understand correctly. Better to find this out in testrace then in first Event.

Last but not least it is also a possibility for undecided drivers to find out if this series is fun for them or not.


Choose what you want, it must not be the track you registred with for the league.


Hungaroring, so it is also a test and training for the first event.

6. Schedule on Raceday

We the the same schedule like on normal events.

All times are CET (Central European Time – Berlin / Paris / Madrid / Roma)

20:00 - Start of the server into free practice session
20:20 - start of qualifying (15min + overtime)
20:40 - start of the first race (12 laps, one of which is the pace lap)
21:15 - start into the second race (top 8 result from "race 1" reverse their positions, again 12 laps)

Everything takes place on one server. Especially between the races it is mandatory that you stay on the server, otherwise you will be positioned wrong in the grid.

Attention: During the qualification it is not allowed to leave the pit more than once. If you return to the pits, voluntarily, with ESC or for any other reason, the qualification is over.
Background: In reality a tire change would take too long and the teams have only one set of tires for one race day.

If you have a disconnect in the 1st race, you can rejoin, but you are not allowed to leave the pits in this race, but you can participate in the second race.

Race start procedure

You will be automatically placed in the grid by AC when you join the race session. When AC releases the race with the red lights going out, you will go into Double File for the pace lap. This is driven at a speed of between 80 and 100km/h. At the entrance to the pits, the speed is limited to aproximately 60km/h so that any gaps can be closed.

In the area of the starting lights, the leader starts the race by a clear acceleration.

From this moment on, overtaking is allowed.

Server settings

The following settings are on the server for each event.

Fuel consumption: 100%
Tire wear: 100%
Damage: 60%
Track grip: 100%
Tire heat blankets: are deactivated
Air temperatur: 23°C
Track temperatur: 30°C
Wind: 0 km/h

Custom Shader Patch: All users must have at least CSP version 1.66 installed. Please consider this when registering!

SOL/Weatherfx: Can be used by the users voluntarily, but it is not compulsory. Since there are neither night nor rain races, deactivating it is not an advantage.


The testevent is open for 30 drivers.

LINK to registration

If you have any questions, just ask. :)

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how is practice and testing going?
hungaroring time i saw the previous list the time to beat was 2:17!
i am not sure if the physics have changed
i have run around in the 2:21-2:22
Any tips or what time do you find so far

User 15726

Norbert, as Alien on this track still do 17 low with the new physics.

For myself i am in a simular range like you, and also searching for the time :D

Important is to forget your Touringcars Style. Important is to carrey as much Speed of the Corner as possible. So better slower in.

Also braking is very Important. Some guys brake so late, when i try it myself i will get anything but not the Corner :D

On practice Server you can sit in the car of other drivers on the server and maybe find some hints how to drive fast.

User 15726

no problem, you can still change if you want.

After the first event you have to stay with the truck model you choosed.

User 28396

Oh can I just upload the new skin with my number and choose it when I race? So I can have a few before it starts?

User 15726

no not that flexible :D

But until start of the season you can make your mind, and then find a final choice :)

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What a great test race yesterday.

24 drivers, mostly unknown drivers, meet with difficult-to-drive vehicles and it felt like one of the cleanest races I have ever driven, across the entire field. The great fear of Turn 1 vanished into thin air. No stranded trucks next to the track, but still a lot of tension and action.

It's just a very different kind of driving. They lurk and wait for someone else to make a mistake and try not to make any mistakes themselves :)

I'm looking forward to the season and hope that things stay the same there :daumen: :

You can see yesterday's results in live timing

Livetiming Race 1

Livetiming Race 2

In race 2 there was a conceivable close finish for 9th place. Alejandro (77) came out of the last corner better and was then able to easily prevail against Jose with 6 thousandths :D


Thanks to Alejandro for the pictures