EDRC II | Round 2 | Estoril | Afterrace


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Next race ist over and you can discuss it here.

Nice EDRC Drift Challenge :D


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Hi all,

first off, I want to apologize to everyone for the big crash in Turn 1 of the first race.

I had no intention to make a pass in the braking zone of Turn 1, knowing that I was too far back after I had needed to lift the throttle during the acceleration phase. It took me too long to make visual contact with my marker for the braking point, and I ended up applying the brakes slightly too late. Responding to that by turning the steering slightly towards the right and hitting the brakes heavily to avoid an even earlier collision with Robin only delayed our collision to the apex of the turn, where I skidded into him completely sideways with locked-up brakes. After having watched the replay of the entire situation, I also have to apologize for not simply applying the brakes and keeping my steering wheel pointed straight once my truck had entered the run-off zone in reverse.



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Had a pretty good first race with some real clean door2door racing that made the P7 possible
2nd Race started from P2 but couldnt hold the position since im not as fast as the other drivers at the front. In the end had a nice fight with Valentin and finished in P9

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Hallo Valentin, shit happens. my race wasnt over so, no problem. we only can learn from it. Cheers!
Enjoyed racing yesterday! good clean fights, Thanks everyone!