EDRC II 2022 | Round 4 | Race Control Report


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Unfortunatly this race we had to work on some protest.

This Time we did not present all the Details but show the situation and penalty.

Race 1

Protest against Josy V.
In Lap 2 Josy had contact with Gergo and send him offtrack and in Robin.
Penalty: 10s (from position 2 to 6)

Protest against Marvin W.
Marvin pushed Szabolcs offtrack and he lost positions
Penalty: 10s (from 9 to 11)

Protest against Nathan S.
Nathan had multiple contacts with Christoph and caused collisions with other drivers too.
Penalty: 10s (from from 8 to 10)

Race 2

Protest against Gylien K.
A carelessness in the starting phase caused a major accident.
Penalty 20s (from position 16 to 18)

Protest against David W.
David misjudged the distance in the starting phase and was then too fast and collided with Adam and Christoph. Positiv to judge is, that David apologized after the race.
Penalty 10s (from 9 to 12)