EDRC II 2022 | Round 1 | Race Control Report


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Hello together,

late but there, here are the Report of the race controlt for the first Round of the new season. Overall from my point of view it was a good event and i saw a lot of positiv sportsmanship.

But we have to discuss the following points, coming in as protest.


Protestierender: Maximilian Maa.
Protestgegner: Gergo Ba.
Event: 1. Event
Rennen: Quali
Zeitstempel / Runde: 7:00 / 2nd flying lap
Streckenabschnitt: RAVENOL / T11
Gergo B. is on an aborted lap, instead of moving over on a straight he for some reason chooses the inside of Michel curve, loses over his truck whilst doing so, forcing me to take evasing action, leaving the track and aborting my flying lap (neg. delta time).

Penalty: Warning for Gergo and the advice to all drivers keep an eye on the track and the traffic. We are a lot of trucks trying to do the best in qualy.

Race 1

Protestierender: Maximilian Maa.
Protestgegner: Alejandro Go.
Event: 1. Event
Rennen: Rennen 1
Zeitstempel / Runde: 5:40 / Runde 2 / erste Rennrunde
Streckenabschnitt: T6
Reason: Alejandro pushes me off at T6, dropping me to the back of the pack.

Penalty: 12s for Alejandro (P13 to P17)
the race control follows the Protest. It was just a small impact because of late braking, but

Protestierender: Maximilian Maa.
Protestgegner: Henry Tij.
Event: 1. Event
Rennen: Rennen 1
Zeitstempel / Runde: 21:40 / Runde 8 / Rennrunde 7
Streckenabschnitt: T6
Reason: After a previous collision Henry T. stays partially to fully on the throttle whilst being on the gras, causing him to rejoining / crossing the track at high speed and colliding with me because of this.

Penalty: 10s for Henry, so he goes to the last place.
Classic unsafe rejoin.

Race 2

Protestierender: Christoph Mü.
Protestgegner: Carlos Sa.
Event: 1. Event
Rennen: 2
Zeitstempel / Runde: Runde 1
Streckenabschnitt: Bereich Kurzanbindung/Valvoline, Turn 5
Reason: C. Sanz speeds through a yellow zone despite a truck upside down in the middle of the road in front of him. He brakes way too late into Valvoline and pushes two cars off track by rear ending. This is really dangerous driving here in my opinion as he completely ignores the nearly ten trucks in front of him and the yellow flags there.

Penalty: 15s for Carlos, but no chance in places (next place was 120s behind)
Carlos is way to optimistic in this situation with a lot of trucks slowing down to avoid crashes. Please show more respect and do not hope for a personal advantage.

Protestierender: Christoph Mü.
Protestgegner: German Tobias Ma.
Event: 1. Event
Rennen: 2
Zeitstempel / Runde: 1
Streckenabschnitt: Ford-Kurve - Turn 6
Reason: After two dangerous rejoins on the previous straight German squeezes between David W. and José A. in Valvoline Corner and attempts a dive bomb on me, misjudges the braking point and pushes me off track.

Penalty: no penalty
The race control do not follows the protest. In this Situtation Christoph came from the offtrack after the situation above and hat not the "normal" Speed gain again. German was not in the trouble and could drove in normal race speed. this gave him in advantage in this Situation. With Christoph using the ideal line he had no real change to avoid the contact.