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Grid 1 Race 2

Protestierender: Cristian A.
Protestgegner: Alejandro G.
Event: Event 4 - Jarama
Rennen: Race 2, Grid 1
Zeitstempel / Runde: Lap 11
Streckenabschnitt: 3
Grund: I brake on the inside of the corner and he hits me when he has the outside line to stop later. He wins the position by the hit
Penalty: 5s for Alejandro (from 5th to 7th)
Reason: Both driver have different braking points and Alejandro knows this by the laps before the incident. And he had the possibility to choose a wider line.

Protestierender: Alejandro G.
Protestgegner: #91 Adrian B.
Event: Event 4 - Jarama
Rennen: 2
Zeitstempel / Runde: 2
Streckenabschnitt: 4
Grund: I take advantage of both teammates colliding on turn 3 and take the inside on the left turn, stay on outside for turn 4 leaving pleny of space for everyone to make the turn, hoping for a better acceleration out of the turn. At the apex, we are side by side but Adrian is leaving plenty of space to the inside of the turn, not doing a normal line and clearly missing that I am on the outside and side by side. He then takes me to the edge and throws me into the dirt, losing 2 places.
Penalty: 2s for Adrian (from 2nd to 4th)
Reason: Then contact on the entry of the corner is okay, but on the exit Adrian goes to wide and push Alejandro in to the dirt.