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Hallo zusammen,

die Wartezeit ist vorbei und es gibt wieder virtuelle Truck Rennen bei der virtual racing e.V. Den Auftakt macht in diesen Jahr Most und das volle Feld verspricht mächtig Action auf der Strecke.

Hello, everyone,

the waiting time is over and there will be virtual truck races again at virtual racing e.V. Most will kick off this year and the full field promises powerful action on the track.


Autodrom Most


Procedure on race day

So wie dann auch in der Saison.

20:00 - Start des Servers ins freie Training
20:20 - Start der Qualifikation (15min + Overtime)
20:40 - Start ins erste Rennen (12 Runden, wobei eine die Einführungsrunde ist)
21:15 - Start ins zweite Rennen (Top 8 aus "Rennen 1" reversed startend, wieder 12 Runden)

Alles findet dabei auf einem Server statt. Insbesondere zwischen den Rennen ist es zwingend erforderlich, dass ihr auf dem Server bleibt, da ihr sonst falsch im Grid positioniert werdet.

Achtung: Während der Qualifikation ist es nicht erlaubt die Box mehr als einmal zu verlassen. Kommt ihr zurück in die Box, freiwillig, mit ESC oder aus einem anderen Grund ist die Qualifikation vorbei.
Hintergrund: In echt würde ein Reifenwechsel zu lange dauern und die Teams haben nur einen Satz Reifen für einen Renntag.

Solltet ihr im 1. Rennen einen Disconnect haben, dann könnt ihr wieder joinen, dürft jedoch in diesem Rennen die Box nicht mehr verlassen, aber am zweiten Rennen teilnehmen.

For each event there is the following procedure in the evening, the times serve as a guide and may deviate by a few minutes due to the overtime of the sessions, which cannot be precisely determined.

20:00 - Start of the Server for free practice
20:20 - Start of qualification (15min + Overtime)
20:40 - Start of first race (12 laps, first one is for griding)
21:15 - Start of second race (Top 8 from race 1 are reversed, again 12 laps)

Everything takes place on a server. Especially between the races it is imperative that you stay on the server, otherwise you will be incorrectly positioned in the grid.

Attention: During the qualification it is not allowed to leave the box more than once. If you come back to the box, voluntarily, with ESC or for another reason, the qualification is over.
Background: In reality, a tire change would take too long and the teams only have one set of tires for one race day.

If you have a disconnect in the first race, you can join again, but you are not allowed to leave the pits in this race, but you can take part in the second race.

Race start procedure

Ihr werdet beim Wechsel in die Rennsession von AC automatisch im Grid platziert. Wenn AC das Rennen mit dem Erlöschen der roten Ampeln frei gibt, begebt ihr euch im Double File in die Einführungsrunde. Diese wird mit einer Geschwindigkeit zwischen 80 und 100km/h gefahren. Auf Höhe der Boxeneinfahrt wird die Geschwindigkeit auf rund 60km/h reduziert, damit sich ggf. entstandene Lücken schließen können.

Im Bereich der Startampel gibt der Führende das Rennen durch ein deutliches Beschleunigen frei.

Ab diesem Moment darf überholt werden.

You will be automatically placed in the grid when switching to the AC racing session. When AC releases the race when the red lights go out, you go into the formation lap in the double file. This is driven at a speed of between 80 and 100 km/h. At the level of the pit entrance, the speed is reduced to around 60 km/h so that any gaps that may have arisen can be closed.

In the area of the starting lights, the leader clears the race by accelerating significantly.

From this moment you can overtake.


Auf dem Server werden je Event die folgenden Einstellungen vorgenommen.

Kraftstoffverbrauch: 100%
Reifenverschleiß: 100%
Schaden: 60%
Streckengrip: 100%
Reifenheizdecken: sind deaktiviert
Lufttemperatur: 20°C
Streckentemperatur: 27°C
Wind: 0 km/h

Custom Shader Patch: Bei allen Nutzern muss mindestens der CSP in der Version 1.75 installiert sein.

SOL/Weatherfx: Kann von den Nutzern freiwillig genutzt werden, es ist jedoch kein Zwang. Da es weder Nacht- noch Regenrennen gibt, ist eine Deaktivierung aber auch kein Vorteil.

Practice Server


Track Records

Link to stracker





If you have any Question just ask :)
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User 15726

You have to sync befor you can join the Server it is now with extended pits for all of you :)

User 28396

me too! i keep syncing, every time i get ejected, i have to "resync" almost as if not accepting
( i didn't see the Volvo GUIDs txt on the list is that causing issues? )
sync shot.png

User 15726

now it works. We all had the correct data, but i made a mistake on the server :D

go out and take your laps :)

User 28385

Where can I find if my skin is uploaded well User 15726 ?

I have done simsync and I think my skin isn´t there...

Is called EDRCIII_14_EM

User 28365

Hello! Two questions:

I see a lot of people registered for the race, when do we know who is going to run?

And another, I signed up with Renault, could my registration be changed to Buggyra?

User 15726

Attention to all:

It is not easy for me, how to build the grid for saturday.

With blank numbers, we have 45 registrations. This is to much for one grid. So we have to cut the field in 2 Splits. !

This has to be done by laptimes. Here we have the next difficult Situation. From the 45 drivers, just 37 did at least one lap on the practice Server.

So maybe just 37 real registrations? i do not know and this is the Problem.

So every driver willing to participate on the sunday race, have to do at least 5 legal laps on the practice Server until sunday morning 6:00am GMT !!!

End then i can decide what the Grid will be looking like.

sorry for this unconcrete answer, but my glass sphere is broken so we have to do it like this. I hope we can set the field with this, so we have a much more concrete situation for the second and ongoing races.

User 15802

Doing a 2:05.6, feeling fast and then i look on the laptimes to find me on the last page -_-

User 28396

I know what you mean.
i did not get a chance to practice this week, unfortunately. but i will try to gather up tenths where i can today.
i have much more time to find it is so frustrating sometimes

User 15726

The final splits / grids can be seen here.

Splits for Round 1

I know some people are now not happy, or maybe will not participate, but we have to do a split, you are to many people for one grid.

So now it is a compromiss of laptimes, performance and size to have still fun in the second split.

User 15726

Practice Server down for a last break and will come back 20:00 german Time for Start of the Event, links will be the same