EDRC 2022 | Shell Hungary Skin Award | Application

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Hi together,

all drivers participating in the 2022 EDRC are allowed to put there skin in the pool for the Shell Hungary Skin Award.

The application is quite easy. Just answer in this thread with the preview picture we created for your skin. So we will have an even presentation.

On Wednesday the 4th of may the race controll will close the application and will open a thread with the final poll. Maybe the race controll reduce the field a bit.

The winner will be announced in the award ceremony, in the stream of the race in Misano at the 13th may.

We wish you good luck and looking forward to your skins :)

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Hungarocamion: my paint is a tribute for the 1987-1990 Hungarocamion Truck Trophy and the Hungarocamion Company plus my supporters for this year and also a tribute for the Révész Racing which company was also in the Hungarocamion (Révész Logo and the MOL logo. In the HTRC, I use the Shell logo, that’s the Mercedes)


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my truck


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User 15726

and it is closed. I would have expected a few more registrations, but it is what it is :)
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