DIY FFB Wheel based on Arduino Leonardo


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hmmm, probably a bug, there's a few left. Hopefully some day I'll revive this FW+tool with another tecnology/board.

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Hi Etienne,

I just stumbled over this thread.
I read that you gave up the development for the firmware, but I have an idea that I like to share.

I built a motion simulator based on AC Servos.

The whole thing is controlled by an Arduino Leonardo.
For this I had to program as well as you very lowlevel.

The servo drivers and servos are cheap (~ 250), and very powerful (750w, 3000 rpm, 7.2 nm) at the same time. I am sure that it could be used to For a DD wheel.
so a micro controller, AASD Driver and a Servo is needed, no external power supply. Cables are included. Driver has multiple modes like position, speed and tourque and a 10000 cpr Encoder.

this Setup will beat all available DD Wheels by 3x regarding the price and also the consumer wheels.

Are you interested in reviving the project?

or are you willing to share your project?

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Hi saaxon66.
I discovered your work only last week on It's very interesting, congrats ! I can tell you it has exited a lot of people over there !

I'm was already using a servo for my DD project, the Mige 130ST-M10010, which is a BLDC motor. I think the motors you're using are BLDC as well, not AC servos, right ? (I believe it's the Chinese vendor that sell the moto you use that made a mistake).
However I'm not sure if the drives that are sold with the motor you are using are good enough in Torque control mode, compared to an Ioni Drive. Have you tried these motors in torque control mode (even if the torque is too small with such motors) ? It would be interesting to know the quality of the drives in this mode, compared to the Ioni drives which are the best for that IMHO.
The prices of such setup is interesting for sure, but you can't really compare a motor with a 2.4/7.1 N.m rated/max torque with a
130ST-M10010 which is 10/20 N.m...

I will probably revive my FFB project one day and also I'm also working on a Simulator control board/software, but it won't be based on a Leonardo which is cute and cheap, but not powerful enough regarding what I want to do. And it will be closed source for the important parts.

FYI I've open an online shop :, where I sell HW for building DIY DD and other applications, and I've developed radio breakout boards and an induction power system to achieve complete wireless and batteryless systems.
I'm currently working on an graphical tool that I use to program all theses things, it's called Node Blue. It's not available to the public yet as I've closed the sources, but it will be anytime soon.
The plan is to put all my work on FFB and on motion cueing in Node Blue modules, so you will be able to build your FFB wheel or motion board with any drive, including SimuCubes and Ionis and with any protocol. With the power of this tool you'll be able to add pedals, wireless connections to rims, etc.. in a few clicks, and to have a coherent system that deals with everything related to simulators.

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Hi Etienne,

no, the seller did not made a mistake. These are AC high voltage servo motors (rated 220v). ;)

I haven't tried the torque mode yet.
But I can say, that the controller works very well and precise in the position and position/speed mode, up to 400khz.
This nice thing is, working with servos (AC or DC does not matter), they do the heavy lifting (calculation, position tracking, ramping, ...) job for you.

I am running a Mige for my DD too.
They do support the same type, like the 130st_m10010/15 for this controller too.

I thought it would be a nice Idea to have a small DD, with all the benefits, but w/o the strength of the big one for much less money.
So they can compete with the consumer wheels like Thrustmaster, Logitech and Fanatec.

For DIY, this can be a dream come true and for a kit, it will allow for very low prices like maybe ~400 €.

But I will not jump in if I need to go the long way from the beginning.
What's why I was asking.

Thank you for answering my question.

Nice shop!
I will have a look at Node-Blue, looks very interesting.

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I agree the 130ST-M10010 may seem a bit overkill, but to do proper software electrical stops you need more torque than 7 N.m. 15/20 N.m is the minimum.
And driving with a 350 mm wheel, 2.4 Nm is really not enough, you need at least 10 N.m.
Future Fanatec DD will be around that. But I'm sure there's been a lot of discussions about this somewhere on this forum.

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Also ich finde die Idee klasse. Ähnliches gibt es ja schon von Sim-Plicity ( und die verwenden in der Compact Reihe Mige Motore mit 7-12 NM.

Vor wenigen Tagen gab es auch den bislang einzigen mir bekannten Test des 7NM Modells ( Der (vielen sicherlich gut bekannte) Tester war zunächst nur verhalten zufrieden, aber im Verlauf des Tests schien sein Empfinden sich etwas zu verbessern, so dass im Endeffekt der Preis und die Wärmeentwicklung, sowie die vielleicht noch etwas unfertige Software als Kritikpunkte blieben.

Ich fände eine DIY Variante großartig, vielleicht sogar mit der Option, bei Bedarf auf einen stärkeren Motor aufzurüsten.

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Hello, I was looking into FFB implemantations and trying to learn more about how the actual FFP protocol, descriptors etc work in USB, on an arduino. The old zip file with isn't available anymore on its ususal place. Would it be possible to get a copy of it?

..or if someone knows an alternative download link?

This one is down...