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Hi I'm new to your guys Discord and things. I've been looking at the the motion rig build page, and it says you need a sponsor to become a new member. I've been building a rig for some time now with multiple design fails. So Im trying to move on to your ( the sfx-100/opensfx design) diy design. I'm just a little confused about the controller board part. it's not really clear on that part. I can't really tell if that takes the place of say a "thanos" card. I so hope it does cuz the cost of that thing is a little high. I have 5 80st motors and 4 aasd15 drivers as of yet
( acquiring more parts everyday) and you know I need to join this anyway and you know show my support and monetary support and things like that so I'm really looking for someone to sponsor me so I can continue with my DIY build and participate in you guys's leagues and things
Thank you

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In short words : yes the SFX-motion controller (based on a Arduino Leonardo and using firmware developed by Saxxon) takes place of other controler like "Th...os" (which is btw. a word / name typically not really liked to be said (written) by SFX-100 users). Only thing which is clear SFX-firmware runs just with Simfeedback (SFB) software. Same like other motion controllers also limited on usage with specific software.

Regarding sponsor this is something you should read in something deeper. Searching for sponsr is more likely to be successful if you have come to stage where you finished your actuator build and easier if you make some pictures + documentation on your DIY work while build is created. This is possible because Simfeedback is available with free license at any point which can be used to intially test actuator build as also check whole assembled motion rig already,
Since a sponsor is usually not there to assist potential new user through whole buld process, but help to get SFB expert license and access to Owners Club. And during this step sponsor will also give you info what is needed to apply for this step (most important is NOT to send a donation without having finished build and found a sponsor who agreed to assist; not keeping attention may cause not to small trouble and possibly delay whole process unnecessarily).
Those documentation can in some way be presented here in build thread (own created one within DIY area (it is this one here) or using one of those existing like here , this one or here or you may find similar one). Furthermore for sponsor search there is also corresponding thread to announce (this one).
There are not much threads with english explanation, but anyways you will find a few. And such publishing of already done steps brings up some advertisment for your build project and corresponding search on a sponsor (project's godfather). Since any sponsor should usually have a look if new potential SFX-builder has kept to so-called DIY rules.

In any case we welcome you here and have fun during build your own SFX-100 motion platform :-)
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