Dirk Wagner


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Kennt den eigentlich noch jemand? Ich denke schon. ;)

Ich habe Dirk Wagner vor einiger Zeit bei iRacing entdeckt und war, sagen wir mal, ein wenig überrascht. Noch viel überraschter war ich allerdings, als ich seine Stats, Teilnahmen und Ergebnisse gesehen habe.

Er hat horrend viele Teilnahmen (IIRC über 500 Sessions), scheint aber in kaum einer davon überhaupt gefahren zu sein. Seine Ratings (SR und iR) sind jeweils bei null.

Hat da irgendjemand eine vernünftige Erklärung für? Ich mein, der Wachnä war ja immerschon ein wenig...anders, aber das verstehe ich nun überhaupt nicht.

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Die Erklärung ist eher eine philosophische würde ich sagen. Dirk erklärt das im iRacing Forum sehr detailliert wie und warum er das macht. Schnell mal gesucht... hier also die Erklärung...

Hi Michael,

there are some reasons I'll do this.

First I started racing, won some races, made some progress, went to anger, took a break, started thinking.

I came out with: This IS ROOKIE! Compared to real life it means: You are earning a driving license. Period. Don't race, but learn to race.

(Of course I am an experienced racing driver - surely I am indeed - but that doesn't mean, I know anything.)

So I decided to start again. Took part in some races with different goals. For example:

1. Don't bother anyone.
2. Be last. Whatever happens.

Try that! Its not easy becoming last in a race. You may have nearly to stop sometimes or let another one by again.

So I learned about behaviour, you need to learn, but usually don't.

I started to like it. Swallowing your pride is way harder than winning with celebration.
I always said, that you'll have to lose, before you can win.


Second - and we re are getting closer to the answer - I decided to try anything stupid I can try as Rookie. So I don't have to do it in "A".

I tested what happens starting out of pits. Made "early starts" with waiting and without. Pitted in some races EVERY lap. Drove to fast a bit, drove to fast a lot in pits. Tried to collect different penalties for anything and served them, or not or did them in the last lap.

I drove anti-clockwise and learned, how far I could go, before taken out.

I checked, when to get punished when forfeiting in the race, two minutes before, going in and out of the race. Checked, what happens, when you wait for the race session you locked in to begin and shut the PC down.

And so on and on.

At this time I started watching races.

And at days, I sit in my own office, I still ofently connect to races and let them run from any camera or pit lane view. I sat in cars of fast people studying them and so on. Sometimes I use it like an iRacing-TV-channel while I work or join, until I get a call and quit.

Then I connected to some races needing another driver to become an official race and I did.

Sometimes I just do it while I work "for psychological reasons", as I get a feeling, when an hour is over, while connecting "Ah! Again a Legends race! So an hour is over again!"

So the whole thing developed over time.

Call me stupid, but....I like it.

Also I absolutely do not care about my iRating at all. I would like to see it the deepest af all. I really like to start racing in the lowest division out there and make my way up the ladder again. I like to fight my own, and I like it not being too easy.

Also I won't need an iRacing to climb up in licenses. So who cares?

Sometimes I connect to raise my iRating by doing some laps. I had a time, where I started with the goal: Do three laps and disco.. Then "Do 10 races only doing 5 laps and disco". There was a race where I was on second after 5 laps, while any other driver spun or crashed after 5 races and I disconnected. I learn to stay calm. Not to become greedy and not to look at positions. Where I cross the finish line, is where I am.

Sometimes I raced people I had the feeling I can trust...

The result? I like it and there wasn't any anger since. I get cooler and cooler about it and I do no longer have to race in terms of iRating. Just needing a better iRating won't get me pass another driver, so I don't want to care about when starting a race. Having a good time and a clean and fair drive is all I am interested in. And if I am faster than the others, I will eventually win.

Also: I will start to race again the other day, but I still will drive at the end of the field turning circles. Why? As far as I understood, I can raise my SR over 4.99 and I lose some of it (but not ALL!), when being promoted to other levels.

It won't get easier in higher levels, so why not trying to raise it to 99.99 in Rookie and I won't have to fight for it anymore. I could do the necessary 4 time-trialss slow as possible and still reach "A" level. Now is the time to create the fundament to next stage, so I do not have to start in a more difficult level at 2.5 and struggle with becoming better.

Of course all this has nothing to do with racing, but I don't have to go as fast as I can. Its up to me, and I really love driving around, listening to music in my earphone and watch the race in front of me or on F3.

I am just building up my fundament for a private league or whatever to come. I don't know. I just know, that I enjoy it all around since then, and I will wait. On whatever.

Lets face it this way: In Rookie-Level I do not have to win anything. In D-level as well as in C or B. I want to go to A and there is the racing, as I can be somewhat sure, that those drivers are clean. How fast they are....faster than me and they deserve to win over me. Nothing I can change about that and of any importance these days.

And: When anything goes out well, I will be in level "A" around the end of July in 2009.

This is a very long time for building the fundament to reach it.

Racing against drivers finding it cool to have an accident every race or hotlapping on the edge around the track without being able to hold their line, is nothing, I am interested in.

I am an endurance man, as I can't train going a 100 laps in Sebring in a row, I train the other thing you'll need more than anything else in endurance sport: Patience and smooth and clean driving. So I start slow. I'll get faster with becoming precise. And if not: I am not good enough. But I will be in level "A".

All this was a process, but I promise, I won't have to fight for what I am only interested in: My SR to reach A.

Am I a "racing clown"? Maybe, but I just love to cruise around in the Solstice or any other car and the feeling for the cars is getting better and better. And they become worthy to me somewhat. No scratch should harm my carefully driven car.

And every now and then and if I do have the time, and the inner silence necessary... I race. But in a calm and clean way. Well...mostly. I do have some way to go.

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Marcus, lies einfach mal im internen iRacing Forum (DE-AT-CH).
Da ist er täglich unterwegs und beglückt und mit wunderbaren Postings :)

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DAS ist echt ein Grund, sich bei IRacing anzumelden. Schön bekloppt! Klasse :lol2:

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Ich habe ihn damals nicht mehr Rennen fahren sehen. Aber das passt wie Arsch auf Eimer zu seiner jahrelangen Forenpräsenz bei uns.

Wagner. War bekloppt. Ist bekloppt, bleibt bekloppt. Aber lustig...irgendwie. :lol2:

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Lustiger Kerl, den sollten sie für Entwicklungstests engagieren. :lol:


Es mutet seltsam an, daß jemand, der sinnlosen Unfug sinnlosen Unfug nennt, als lustig hier durchgeht. Warum man mich, der ich auch nichts anderes tue, ernst nimmt, verstehe ich deshalb ja auch nicht. Wenn Dirk hier wieder posten würde, wäre in kürzester Zeit die Kacke am dampfen - angefeuert von denen, die sich jetzt noch über ihn amüsieren.

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Na du bist aber ein Spaßvogel. Was du machst ist 'grober Unfug'. Das ist ein Unterschied und auch nicht lusitg.

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Das ist ein Hardcore iR Fan. Der testet von seinem Geld, was die Programmierer nie im Leben zu träumen gewagt hätte :giggel: