Crash to Desktop Problem vielleicht behoben!


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Hi Leute!

Im Legendscentral Forum schreibt Bruce, das er wahrscheinlich die Ursache für das CTD gefunden hat.

after a bit of thinking i am pretty sure i have found out what causes the CTD with 16bit skins; the problem occures when the offending car appears in the mirror with D3D but there is no problem with glide, so what is the difference in the rendering of the mirrors between glide and D3D?
D3D renders by default its mirrors with double res width, whereas glide renders the mirrors with single res, i chnaged the default setting in the core.ini file from:

DoubleMirrorResWidth = 1
DoubleMirrorResHeight = 1


DoubleMirrorResWidth = 0
DoubleMirrorResHeight = 0

et voila, no more CTD, this works with my voodoo 4, if someone could try it with other cards that suffer the problem and report back to the forum we will know if this is the problem.

There is s dimihing of the quality of the image in the mirror but this may even improve fps so it is a good thing, besides the image in the mirrors in ral life was not that good because of viberation anyway. The thing is you can still see that 16bit brabham sneaking up behind you

Einige haben schon geposted, das es bei Ihnen nicht hilft, aber vielleicht klappts ja bei einigen von uns!

*hoff hoff hoff*

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bruce hat aber eine voodoo karte! voodoo user benutzen in der regel den glide modus. bei den geforce usern hat es leider nichts gebracht! naja, wunder passieren ja immer wieder...