Automobilista (AMS) - Early Access


User 4652

Hab die Diskussion wegen VR und Grafik mal in den allgemeinen Diskussionsthread verschoben. Da passt es besser hin.

User 8033

Am 24.08.2016 kommt die Version 1.0. die Early Access dann ablöst.

  • A new player profile is strongly recommended.
  • Replays from v0.9.8 and earlier may not be compatible with v1.0
  • Virtual Xperience leaderboards will be reset in light of several physics updates;
  • Mods might need to be updated - specially mods that are in the REIZA28 - REIZA35 range as those slots have been reserved for official content as well (mods in that range won´t show up in menu).
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