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AMS wurde bei Steam wegen eines "Copyright Infrightments" zurückgezogen.

:hier: URL

Kommt wohl aus der F1-Ecke.

Update/PS: Ihr diskutiert ja schon seit gestern drüber ... :nut:
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Was hat denn unser FFB-Physik-Guru da bei 0:55 Min. einsortiert???
Die Kamera hält auch kurz drauf und dann schnell weg.

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Dreck, da hat mich doch der erste April erwischt. Ich hatte es nur schnell auf der Arbeit geöffnet und dachte dann, "was war das denn"?? Ab ins Forum damit.


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So, hier nun der neue gewünschte thread zum Thema "AMS" und "Early Access".

Bitte alles was das betrifft hier posten.

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Achso, ich dachte Du meintest einen neuen Thread und wolltest ihn verlinken.

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Achso, ich dachte Du meintest einen neuen Thread und wolltest ihn verlinken.
Nö, wollte nur damit sagen das ich jetzt alles hier in den neuen thread verschoben habe was mit Early Acess zu tun hat und man diesen ab sofort für selbige Themen verwenden sollte.

EDIT : da ich grade erfahren habe das AMS aus der EA-Phase raus ist, ist hier erst mal zu.
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Automobilista EA v0.9.3 RELEASED

A new Early Access build of Automobilista has been released - v0.9.3 is now up with some fresh new content as well as several updates & fixes.

Below is the main changelog for the new version:

-New track: Added Virginia International Raceway (3 layouts)
-New series: Added Boxer Cup series
(hotfix to address team names will come up shortly)

Features & Fixes:
-Fixed a bug with LCD displays that could cause the game to crash after loading a session in certain conditions
-Added a Series .SRS auto-sort function - SRS files no longer need to be named "REIZAXX", and the game will automatically sort their main menu listing in alphabetical order, with original series coming first - slots REIZA01-28 & REIZA99 are reserved for Reiza original content, mods can use REIZA29 up to 99 OR any other name of the modder´s preference; New REIZAXX must be in upper-case
-Added a reset sound event to mute replay sounds at the end of the replay
-Added an extra state to virtual mirror cycle to display the in-car mirrors, but not the virtual mirrors
-Added option for mapping multiple commands to the same key / button
-Increased maximum race lap limit from 100 to 500
-Added extra custom AI physics values to improve AI stability & re-callibrated AI performance for various series
-Revised Portuguese, french & Spanish localization (work still in progress)
-Added parameter to define engine layout & orientation, and set cars with transverse engines (Marcas, Mini, Lancers, Karts) accordingly
-Revised aeromap for several cars
-Fixed bug with windshields of various cars becoming transparent at night
-Reprofiled LCD displays for Superkart, SuperV8, StockV8, F-V12, F-Classic
-Updated font alpha in all Motec-style displays & added a function to light up background when headlights are switched on
-Updated sky textures & added 2 new packs
-DynHUD: Fixed reading Config.ini with UTF-16 (This also fixes the "editor starting with white screen" bug); fixed editor to access the correct data folder; Improved viewport detection and change reaction; Renders on top of big monitor now; MapWidget now renders item positions correctly again; Improved on-track detection for MapWidget; Fixed textures to be properly updated after configuration loaded
-Curitiba: Smoothed out section near 200m board in the main straight
-Supertruck: revised tire physics
-F-Vee: Fixed rollbar LOD distance
-Opala: Fixed championship scoring not computing

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Automobilista EA v0.9.6 RELEASED

A new Early Access build of Automobilista has been released - v0.9.6 is now out.

Added Copa Montana Series
Added Mendig Flugplatz (first of many layouts still to come for this venue)

Features & Fixes:
Added Time Trial integration with Virtual Xperience portal leaderboards (more about it here)
Integrated Steam Matchmaker into in-game Multiplayer lobby
Added new track limit violation system to clamp down excessive corner cutting & running wide (still subject to some track-specific fine-tuning - info & discussion about it here)
Adjusted tree shaders for improved lighting
Added alternative Interlagos, Kansai, Montreal, Spielberg track options removing GP-specific trackside objects and DRS / tire compound rules (same layout otherwise)
Fixed several multiplayer screen UI errors
DynHUD: Fixed HUD not displayed (properly) on multiplayer race start; Added a custom fix to Johannesburg trackmap; Fixed profile info being applied too late
VIR: Tweaked AI lines at Grand & Full layouts so they do a better job of avoiding dangerous curbs
F-Extreme Fixed oversized DRS textures which could cause memory overload
F-Retro: Fixed gear shift light not working
Boxer: Corrected off-center LCD display; Tweaked rear light; Fixed windshield reflection; Minor engine sound tweak; Minor adjustment to damper rates & rear wing; Increased default front anti-roll bar setting
Marcas: Minor tightening of tire slip angles & chassis inertia adjustment

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Automobilista EA v0.9.8 RELEASED

A new Early Access build of Automobilista has been released - v0.9.8 is now out.

This is the main changelog:

Added Speedland Kart track venue (4 layouts)

Features & Fixes:
Enhanced pneumatic trail by adding new PneumaticTrailGripFractPower (PTGFP) function, for much improved self-aligning torque (should make tire forces more perceivable through FFB)
Tweaked FFB output code & added "FFB Low Force Boost" to Controller UI (this should help wheel "lightness" under low steering forces with lower end FFB controllers)
Added new low speed FFB fuction to eliminate vibration / oscillation at very slow speeds
Revised default Realfeel settings and pneumatic trail values to match to new FFB functions
Added AIWs to Time Trial anticheat verification (this will lead to failed authentication in case of AIW edits)
Added function to sort cars of different performances within the same series for the TT leaderboards
Tweaked road dust smoke & skid properties
Brasilia: Tweaked track limits to allow running over green crete run-off
VIR: Improved road & curb textures
Superkart: Adjusted tires, slight increase of front/rear track width
Karts: Adjusted tires
Montana: Adjusted mirror height; Fixed oversized interior Windshield resolution (from 2048px to 1024px)
Boxer: Added wiper to cockpit view; Corrected AI tire wear
Lancer Cup: Fixed pneumatic trail bug which numbed FFB output

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Guten Morgen,
ich spreche das hier mal an, gestern (meine ich) kam das Update 0.9.8 für die Beta,
[spoil]Build v0.9.8:

Added new low speed FFB fuction to eliminate vibration / oscillation at very slow speeds
Renamed "FFB Sensitivity" Slider to "FFB Low Force Boost", and inverted the scale so 100% gives the maximum force exponent
Boxer: Corrected AI tire wear
VIR: Improved road & curb textures[/spoil]

in dem sich das Low-Speed-FFB deutlich verbessert hat. Bin 10 Runden Spielberg gefahren mit den StockCarV8 und dem Boxer.
An der Castrol, aber vor allem am Remus Eck, hat sich wirklich deutlich was getan. Man fährt viel kontrollierbarer im die scharfen Ecken.