ATF Racing Latest Video Release is out!


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Hey all. The latest video from A.T.F. Racing has been finished and is available to download. I am the creator of the videos known as 'Faster' and 'Sticks & Bones' to those who may have heard of my previous work.

The latest video captures both NASCAR Racing 4 and Grand Prix Legends with excellent camera shots and usage of the Camera Control Master along with many effects available in Adobe Premiere.

For those who loved the first 2 videos this one is by far the best of all. The filesize is also an excellent addition to the typical file sizes of ATF Racing's videos.

The file is only 25mb and is in WMV (Windows Media) format.

The video is called "Chop Suey."

To download it go to

GPLer's and NASCAR4 racers alike will love this one. A lot of time went into this video, I hope you agree that is shows.

Bill Martin
ATF Racing

Bill Martin
ATF Racing: